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Lipoaugmentation Allows Unwanted Fat to be Used to Enhance Breasts

Lipoaugmentation Allows Unwanted Fat to be Used to Enhance Breasts


Women who wish their breasts were bigger and some other part of their bodies were smaller can now have that wish granted, through a procedure known as fat transfer or lipoaugmentation. Fat can be removed from the tummy, buttocks, hips, or thighs and used for a modest increase in breast size or to plump up sagging breasts, without major surgery.

Fat transfer is often performed in conjunction with liposuction, also known as body sculpting or body contouring. In fact, advances in gently removing unwanted fat from other parts of the body enable the delicate tissue to remain viable, allowing its use in the breasts.

Using fat transfer instead of implantation surgery means no incisions, which means no worries about scars. And, using one's own fat is safer, since there is no danger of tissue rejection.

Fat transfer is especially suited to filling out sagging breasts by plumping the upper breast area. It is very effective for women whose breasts have lost some of their youthful form because of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Lipoaugmentation is not a substitute for standard breast implant surgery if the patient wants a major increase in breast size, but it can be useful for filling out areas of the breast where the edge of an implant is visible.

Since fat transfer is a simpler and gentler procedure than breast augmentation surgery, it is less expensive and the recovery time is shorter; in some cases, as short as two weeks.

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