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Breast Massage Exercises after Breast Augmentation Surgery


Following breast augmentation surgery, massage exercises can be used to prevent capsular contracture and hardening of the implants. Capsular contracture refers to normal scar tissue that surrounds the breast capsule and grows tighter (contracts) around the breast implant. Capsular contracture can be painful, make the implant feel hard, and distort the appearance of the breasts.

Breast massage can also help retain the contour and symmetry of your breasts after cosmetic surgery. It can help make the breasts more symmetrical if one implant is slightly higher than another.

Each board certified plastic surgeon has slightly different preferences on when and how to perform the breast massage. The general consensus is that patients should start massaging the breasts the day after surgery by applying gentle but steady pressure on the breast with both hands for two minutes. Patients should then repeat the process on the other breast. The massaging process pulls the breast tissue upward and the breast implant downwards. Patients should massage the breasts for at least three months after breast augmentation surgery.

It is important that patients begin these massage exercises the day after undergoing breast augmentation surgery even though the breasts will feel tender at this point. It is important to perform these breast massage exercises during the first few days after surgery to ensure most natural looking breast augmentation surgery in terms of shape and contour. About a week after treatment, the breast massage process becomes more comfortable.

As the breast pockets become less tense, you may decrease the amount of time spent massaging the breasts per the advice of your board certified plastic surgeon. However, the surgeon may request that you continue to perform the exercises two times per day even after your breasts feel soft and the implants are moving freely. Some surgeons may want you to continue doing these breast massage exercises for up to one year after surgery.

Hopefully, these simple breast massage exercises will help you enjoy increased self-confidence and a better body profile that accompanies successful breast augmentation surgery.

You should immediately consult the office of your board certified plastic surgeon if you experience any sharp pain, flushing, burning, hot breast skin, or hardness or severe tightening of your breast implants.

Dr. Kris Reddy is a West Palm Beach plastic surgeon that performs breast augmentation and other procedures on patients.

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