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Future Brides Will Compete for Plastic Surgery on New E! TV Show

Future Brides Will Compete for Plastic Surgery on New E! TV Show


Brides-to-be will compete for plastic surgery as E! Entertainment Television takes reality TV to a new level this fall. Cosmetic procedures were the basis for ABC's Extreme Makeover and Fox's The Swan, but E!'s Bridalplasty will be the first to use plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks, as prizes.

Each week, a group of women who are engaged to be married will compete in such events as writing wedding vows and planning a honeymoon. The weekly winner will receive a cosmetic procedure from her wish list, submitted before production begins. The overall winner will receive all the procedures on her list, as well as a gala wedding.

The grooms-to-be will not be allowed to see the results of the contestants' surgeries, so that the show can surprise the winner's fiancé on the wedding day.

Celebrity Surgeon Will Conduct Consultations in Advance

The surgeries awarded will be performed by Dr. Terry Dubrow, lead surgeon for The Swan. Dubrow will conduct a consultation with each contestant before production begins, going over their lists as he would with his regular patients.

According to Dubrow, the advance consultation will satisfy the requirements of the code of ethics that governs plastic surgeons. Others are not so sure.

Some doctors and other medical professionals have complained that awarding medical treatment as prizes is not ethical. Others say it reinforces what they see as an exaggerated interest in physical beauty promoted by popular media.

A spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons countered that having cosmetic procedures in preparation for the wedding day is a common practice.

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