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Breast Asymmetry Correction Options Include Augmentation, Reduction

Breast Asymmetry Correction Options Include Augmentation, Reduction


Breast asymmetry, the condition of having breasts of unequal size, is a concern for many women. Fortunately, the condition can be correct by performing breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery on one or both breasts.

You may remember from biology class that humans are supposed to be bilaterally symmetrical, meaning that each side of the body is a mirror image of the other. In truth, it's not a very precise image; most of us are a little uneven. Among women, some experts say, as many as 88 percent have uneven breasts, though the difference for most is insignificant. But, for about one in every 10 women, the difference is a full cup size or more.

Women with significant breast asymmetry may find it inconvenient, at best. It is often difficult to find fashionable clothing that accommodates their unequal breast sizes. The more revealing the clothing, the more difficult the situation, so many women end up with a wardrobe they feel isn't very attractive.

Breast Asymmetry Can Cause Anxiety, Embarrassment

Breast asymmetry can seriously impact a woman's social life and prospects for happiness. Women concerned that their uneven breasts will cause embarrassment in an intimate situation may develop anxiety that inhibits them from pursuing personal relationships.

If you suffer from breast asymmetry, a board-certified plastic surgeon can offer you cosmetic surgery solutions to give you the symmetry you want and restore your self-confidence. Your condition can be corrected by enlarging or reducing the size of one breast, or by enlarging or reducing both breasts, one more or less than the other. In a confidential consultation, your surgeon will explain the details of each option and how it can help give you the shape that will make you feel good about yourself.

Don't let breast asymmetry impact your life. Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon and get the help you need. With the right combination of breast augmentation and reduction, you can wear the fashions you want and put the spark back into your social life.

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