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Post Liposuction Skin Irregularities

Post Liposuction Skin Irregularities


For some patients, liposuction can lead to skin irregularities and "lumps and bumps". One way to resolve this problem is to use Thermage® skin tightening on the treatment area after liposuction.

Thermage® is a radio frequency device that tightens the skin and promotes growth of new collagen. Collagen is the building block that provides structure to your skin; improving and increasing the amount of collagen in your skin with Thermage® will result in tighter, naturally younger looking skin.

There are many benefits to Thermage®. Thermage® addresses skin laxity not addressed by the liposuction procedure. It can help reduce possible surface irregularities and help smooth unevenness. Thermage has proven results using a non-invasive, single treatment procedure with little to no downtime.

You can expect to see an added benefit from Thermage® after liposuction. One benefit is renewed collagen. Your skin may feel tighter and smoother. The magnitude of visible improvement varies from subtle to dramatic. Some improvement may be visible immediately after the treatment and you may continue to see improved results for up to six months as new collagen forms.

Combining Thermage® with your liposuction procedure should be a decision made between you and your doctor. All liposuction patients should receive some benefits from having the Thermage® procedure performed after they have healed from their surgery. You may decide before the surgery to add the Thermage® treatment or delay the decision until after the recovery period, when you can observe your surgical results.

A few points will be discussed during a consultation. These include;

  • Overall skin laxity and condition.
  • Identify areas with visible laxity, surface irregularities and/or contour unevenness.
  • Define and discuss your treatment plan.

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