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Some Celebrities Who Avoid the Plastic Surgery Craze Should Reconsider

Some Celebrities Who Avoid the Plastic Surgery Craze Should Reconsider


While many celebrities are taking cosmetic surgery too far these days, there are some who could use a little surgical beautification, according to Web gossip sites. Some of those mentioned might be open to the suggestion; others clearly don't care.

Courtney Love has lost significant weight and now has a lot of drooping skin on her abdomen. Web gossips suggest that she should have a tummy tuck before going out in a bathing suit again.

Rachel Zoe, the fashion consultant with a show on Bravo, has apparently spent a lot of time outdoors without sunscreen. Gossips suggest her face is far too wrinkled for her age - and her occupation - and that she could benefit from Botox® Cosmetic injections.

Photos alleged to be of Melanie Griffith's knees appear on one site, along with the suggestion that she do something about the drooping skin that make them look like the knees of an 80-year-old.

Some suggest that Barbara Streisand is due for some face and neck work, to counteract the effects of gravity and time. Of course, no one is suggesting any alteration to the nose that is part of her indelible public image.

Keith Richards is widely labeled as having one of the most lined faces in show business. He has made it quite clear that he isn't a bit concerned.

Former film siren Brigitte Bardot, now 76, freely admits that her looks far outweighed her talent in her success. She has also made it clear that she happily accepts the looks that go along with her years, once saying, "What could be more beautiful than a dear old lady growing wise with age?"


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