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Celebrities Hudson, Osbourne, Rue Credit Diet, Exercise for Weight Loss

Celebrities Hudson, Osbourne, Rue Credit Diet, Exercise for Weight Loss


Celebrities Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osbourne, and Sara Rue have been in the entertainment news recently because of their impressive weight loss. While there is the usual speculation that they may have been aided by liposuction or bariatric surgery, none of them is admitting to anything more than diet and exercise.

Hudson is the latest public face - and figure - of Weight Watchers, helping to publicize their new iPhone app, as well as their diet plan. The American Idol finalist and Oscar-winning actress also hired personal trainer-to-the-stars Harley Pasternak.

Hudson says that becoming a mother was a big part of her inspiration to improve her health.

Sara Rue has become the celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig. The television actress lost 50 pounds on the program and recently completed the City to Sea half marathon from San Luis Obispo to Shell Beach, Calif. Rue said she couldn't have run even a mile before her transformation, which was aided by personal trainer Christopher Lane.

A previous episode of significant weight loss by Rue caused rumors about gastric bypass surgery; those subsided when she regained most of the weight.

Kelly Osbourne doesn't have a sponsor for her weight loss. She credits an improved diet and continued exercise since she lost weight for her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Osbourne says eating half an apple before bedtime keeps her metabolism going strong.

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