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Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Possible with Right Choices

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Possible with Right Choices


If you're considering breast augmentation surgery and want truly natural looking results, think smaller, silicone, and submuscular.

The first consideration for breast augmentation is usually the size of the implants. If you don't want to look like the celebrities whose unnatural proportions are the topic of tabloid ridicule, choose implants that are in proportion to your body. Most women seek breast augmentation because they feel their breast size is below average; the most natural look is achieved by going for average or a little above.

Standard silicone implants have the most natural look and feel. Because silicone implants were not allowed for several years, for fear of health risks, saline implants were the only choice. When silicone implants were shown not to present the serious health risks of which they were suspected, they made a big comeback, and surgeons prefer them for a natural look.

Placing implants under the pectoral muscle (submuscular) also increases the natural look. There may be reasons why some patients require placement on top of the muscle, just under the skin, but implants so placed can be more obvious, especially if the patient has thin skin. Implants placed under the muscle look more like part of the body and less like an attachment.

Finally, ask your plastic surgeon about incision scars. It may be possible to hide the scars at the edge of the areolas or under the breast, where the base of the breast intersects the chest wall.

Your surgeon will advise you on the options appropriate for you and help you choose the surgery that gives you the most natural looking results possible.

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