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Christina Aguilera's Wave at Media Event Fuels Breast Implant Rumors

Christina Aguilera's Wave at Media Event Fuels Breast Implant Rumors


That Christina Aguilera's breast size has changed over the years is not in doubt. Speculation that it may be because of surgery, rather than pregnancy and weight changes, as supporters claim, got a lift when the celebrity lifted her arm at a recent promotional appearance.

While touring Japan to promote her new movie Burlesque, Aguilera lifted her right arm to wave at the audience, exposing what appeared to be a scar in her armpit. Placement of breast implants through an incision in the armpit is one technique used to hide the evidence. But it doesn't work so well when you're wearing a sleeveless dress and lift your arm.

Some celebrity watchers point to photos of Aguilera taken over the past few years, showing her breast size increasing, then decreasing, then, most recently, increasing again, as evidence that she received implants, then had them removed, then received new implants.

San Clemente plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia sides with those who say it's possible some of her breast size changes could be due to gaining and losing weight, or to the changes that naturally occur when a woman begins and then ceases breast feeding.

"Her natural breast tissue was formerly stimulated and enlarged. Now as it is shrinking, her cup size and ‘perkiness' are shrinking with it," said Di Saia.

His comments did not include a natural cause for Aguilera's most recent breast size increase.

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