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Before and After Celebrity LAP-BAND System Surgery


LAP-BAND System surgery has revolutionized the way that some celebrities control their weight and overeating habits. From New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan to the glamorous Sharon Osbourne, the LAP-BAND System treatment has helped overweight celebrities lose weight - and I don't mean 10 pounds here or 20 pounds there. Bariatric surgery has aided in the loss of more than 100 pounds for some patients. Now, it has become a popular weight solution for the rich and famous.

Rex Ryan


Rex had the LAP-BAND System procedure done in March of this past year. Post procedure Rex certainly doesn't look like Pitt in Fight Club, but he probably doesn't require two seats to fly anymore.

Anne Diamond


"Unlike that old devil, willpower, the band can always be relied upon," writes Diamond in the UK's Daily Mail. I definitely wouldn't follow her into battle.

Ann Wilson


Ann is famously known for her role as the lead singer in the band, Heart. Good thing she got the lap band because her own heart was doing some serious overtime underneath that paunch of hers.

Brian Dennehy


Dennehy is looking much leaner post the LAP-BAND System procedure; he also looks considerably older.

Caitlin Van Zandt

(Source/Source) writes that, "[Since Van Zandt's surgery] she loves shopping at Victoria Secret." Although she doesn't look like a Veruca Salt-turned-fat blueberry anymore, I still wouldn't want to see her in lingerie.

Sharon Osbourne


Sharon Osbourne has lost a lot of weight since her LAP-BAND System procedure. However, I doubt she's able to understand any of Ozzy's compliments; that's assuming he's coherent enough to give them.

Khaliah Ali


Once weighing in at over 300 pounds, Khaliah Alia has since trimmed down considerably; she has even written a book called, "Fighting Weight." And by fighting she means having surgery.

Joe Gannascoli


Joe might have had the LAP-BAND System procedure, but he still looks, well, pretty darn fat to me.

John Daly


John Daly definitely looks better with some of those extra pounds gone. Now he just needs to lose those ridiculous pants.

Fern Britton


If there were such a thing as an all-white orca, Britton would have fit the description.

Diego Maradona


Who is Diego pointing to? What a classic determinist; of course it's out of your control!

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