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Part III - Enhancing Your Beauty With Veneers

Part III - Enhancing Your Beauty With Veneers


  • Read Part I and Part II of this article to find out how cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of your smile.

Fear of the Drill

That deep-seeded fear of the dentist and the dreaded drill just might be keeping patients from improving their smile. Some people have panic attacks when they smell odors familiar to most dental offices, hear the drill, or think about needles. These are real fears that paralyze the anxious patient who avoid the dentist despite gaping tooth pain, holes in the teeth, and cosmetic problems. Perhaps this explains why patients are more willing to risk undergoing general anesthesia to achieve cosmetic improvement and enhancement through surgery. It is downright amazing the numbers of people who choose these longer and more painful surgeries before considering enhancing their smiles.

Due to advances in dental tools and techniques, there is less to fear today than ever before. A trained cosmetic dentist has the skill and knowledge to use the latest materials and technology to make your visits more comfortable. A cosmetic practice will not have that dental office smell, and will have quieter electric drills, rather than those noisy air-driven drills. With conscious sedation and computerized anesthetics, a smile makeover can be done in as little as two to three visits, predictably and painlessly, without the risk of invasive surgery or general anesthesia, and with no recovery time at all. Cosmetic dentists can achieve beautiful, even life-changing results. We've seen patients who have experienced a boost in their self-esteem and confidence levels after getting a new smile.

How About the Cost?

Cost is a major factor in any purchase, especially investments. Cosmetic dentistry, or the smile makeover, represents one the best values possible. It is an investment in yourself and your future.

A smile makeover can last 15 years or more with little maintenance. That far outlives many products that cost much more. We can spend much more for an automobile even though we are likely to replace it in six years in favor of a nicer model or some added convenience. Surveys reveal that the appearance of the teeth and smile is important in relationships, business, how a person is perceived, or how honest they are. Studies show that a person's social status, temperament, and the way that others feel about you is also affected by the appearance of the teeth.

When patients undergo smile makeover they not only get an improved appearance, they experience a surge in self-confidence. How do you place a price on that? Nothing says more about human goodness than your smile. If "the eyes are the windows to the soul?" Then your smile is a reflection of it!

With more and more patients seeking cosmetic dentistry, the cost of treatment may decrease in the future. However, today there are only 8,000 members in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which represents less than 5 percent of all dentists. Due to the lack of talented, skilled, and experienced cosmetic dentists, the price of the porcelain veneers treatment may seem high. Nevertheless, a smile makeover with veneers remains a terrific value and investment for patients seeking to make improvements in their smiles.

Chicago cosmetic dentist Ivan Valcarenghi offers a range of treatments to our patients, including porcelain veneers.

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