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Imaging Software May Increase Satisfaction with Nose, Says Surgeon

Imaging Software May Increase Satisfaction with Nose, Says Surgeon


Patients who preview the results of a nose job using computer imaging software are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome of their surgery than those who do not, according to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Dr. Andrew Frankel, of the Lasky Clinic, conducted a survey of plastic surgery patients and fellow surgeons to learn what they thought of the results obtained through the use of morphing software, a technique practiced for more than 10 years. His results were published in a recent issue of the Archives of Plastic Surgery.

According to Frankel, most of the patients surveyed ranked their satisfaction level at 4 and the accuracy of the imaging at 3.5, both on a 5-point scale. Surgeons ranked the accuracy at just under 3.

Doctor Says Computer Beats Working from Pictures

"Having an image of an individual in front of you and manipulating that nose on the screen is better than [the patient] showing me pictures of 15 other women's noses she likes," said Frankel. "Before computer imaging, people would bring in pictures of celebrities or other noses they liked and would say, 'Could you make me look like this?'"

Frankel said trying to work from pictures doesn't take into account the anatomical structure of the nose or of the surrounding face, which can limit the amount of change that can be achieved.

"I have to constantly communicate to the patient what are reasonable expectations," said Dr. Richard Fleming, another Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. "If somebody comes in with a huge Roman nose and they want a little turned up pug nose, you're not going to give it to them. It cannot be accomplished."

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