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Gary Busey's Larger than Life Smile

Gary Busey's Larger than Life Smile


The term "beauty" has a completely different meaning when it comes to celebrities. The amount of money that stars see in a single paycheck is more than most of us see in a year or a lifetime. With such deep pockets, celebs can spend whatever it takes to put the rest of us to shame in the looks department. Thus, we assume that personal trainers, plastic surgeons, BOTOX® Cosmetics specialists, and cosmetic dentists are on the speed-dial of every famous figure.

Although looking great seems to come easy to these blessed individuals, we are quick to criticize them if they get caught on camera looking less than perfect. We prefer celebrities to have perfect bodies, youthful-looking faces, and flawless smiles. When they don't, we cringe, laugh, and gossip about their looks. One celebrity who may have been on the receiving end of harsh judgment over the years is Gary Busey, and not for his acting capabilities, but more for his questionable cosmetic alterations.

Gary Busey's Cosmetic Dentistry

Gary Busey is more famous for his offbeat antics than his actual movies. From his infamous motorcycle accident, to his stint on Celebrity Rehab, to his outrageous interviews, Gary Busey has managed to keep the public talking. Though he did act in a number of hit films, like Point Break, Under Siege, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and has made several cameos on popular TV programs, such as The Simpsons and Entourage, his slightly insane personality has garnered much more attention from the public eye.

Gary Busey porcelain veneers

Aside from his wild ways, chances are that if you know Gary Busey, you likely know his teeth as well. Many people have asked themselves, "why do his teeth look like that?" or better yet, "how do his teeth look like that?" The truth is, while celebrities have an open door to all the cosmetic treatments they want, sometimes they tend to overdo it, which is an understatement in this case. While cosmetic dentistry is designed to improve people's smiles, for Busey, it only makes him look all the more ridiculous.

Granted, Busey did suffer numerous injuries in a motorcycle accident, isn't actually all "there," and may look a little off to begin with. Plus, he has had some plastic surgery done to his face. However, his cosmetic dentistry work looks the most unnatural, and his teeth look way too big for the rest of his face. It is pretty obvious that Busey has had porcelain dental veneers placed over his natural teeth to close the appearance of gaps and hide any discoloration or other blemishes. Veneers are a thin material customized to fit snugly over the teeth. Dental veneers can alter the overall appearance of the teeth, including their size and shape. However, in Busey's case, photos prove that he had larger-than-normal sized natural teeth to begin with. So who is to blame for his unsightly smile? Is it a result of bad advice from his cosmetic dentist, or poor judgment on his own part?

Image sources: Gary Busey before veneers, after veneers

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