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Sexy in the City Or Not?

Sexy in the City Or Not?


Known as a major fashionista and style icon, stemming from her days on the hit HBO series, Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those celebrities that women worship. She has a unique style, yet is relatable to a majority of women from coast to coast. We've watched her go from bold, sexy, 20-something to classic, sophisticated, 40-something, all the while wearing designer duds that most of us only dream of being able to afford. Parker wears her couture proudly, and many people think that she looks great while doing it. This has led many people to wonder if Parker's looks are all-natural or enhanced with the help of aesthetic treatments. Her dazzling smile is likely the result of cosmetic dentistry treatment; experts agree that it appears as though Parker has had porcelain veneers placed to perfect her smile.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Porcelain Veneers

Most people believe that a beautiful smile is one with bright, white, aligned, and perfectly positioned teeth. A beautiful smile is a sign of a healthy mouth, which is something most everyone should aim to have. Another important factor in determining whether a smile is attractive is how natural it appears. Most people don't want to have cosmetic dental work done that is so noticeably unnatural it draws more negative attention than intended. Parker has managed to achieve a picture perfect smile through cosmetic dentistry that is virtually undetectable. Porcelain veneers are commonly used on celebrities who want a straight, white, blemish-free smile.

Sarah Jessica Parker before veneers

Parker has most likely had porcelain veneers, which are customized tooth coverings, placed over her natural teeth to hide any imperfections. Porcelain veneers can close any gaps between teeth, and change the size, shape, and color of the teeth. Parker's cosmetic dentistry work complements her facial features, and gives her that radiant smile that the world has grown to love. Parker chose a cosmetic dentist with the skill and talent to select veneers that suit her look. It is important for anyone who wants to enhance their smile with porcelain veneers that they discuss their ideal outcome with a highly-qualified, talented doctor.

Parker's look has been the cause of much debate, however. While her smile is no doubt stunning, some may not agree that she deserves to be considered aesthetically attractive. For example, Maxim magazine placed Parker at the top of its "unsexiest women" list in 2008. While this may have hurt Parker's pride, it did in fact get people talking about what exactly defines beauty. Women adore Parker for her style, her family life, and her acting capabilities, particularly as the beloved character Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. She may not be considered a "classic" beauty; but, one thing that does make her stand out from the rest of the Hollywood stars is her confidence and her beautiful smile.

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Image source: Parker before veneers

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