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Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery


  • Date of Birth: March 24, 1970
  • Rumored Procedures: lip injections, facial fillers, rhinoplasty

During the height of her career, Lara Flynn Boyle was often regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet. Her petite figure and naturally-beautiful face helped her make it in Hollywood. Boyle first gained fame in the 1990s after her starring role in the hit series Twin Peaks put her on the map. Following the role, Boyle had minor parts in a number of movies, but became a household name after starring as an Assistant District Attorney in The Practice. The role earned her an Emmy nomination. She was also the long time girlfriend of Hollywood's coolest man, Jack Nicholson. Throughout her time in the spotlight, Boyle faced criticism about her looks, including rumors of suffering from an eating disorder because she was so thin. In recent years, however, the public has speculated that Boyle has undergone several cosmetic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, facial fillers, and lip injections.


Many people have speculated that Boyle underwent rhinoplasty early on in her career. Photos of Boyle in the early 90s show a seemingly wider nose than the one that she has today. However, because the changes are very subtle and Boyle has never admitted to undergoing surgery, it is difficult to be certain. If she did undergo plastic surgery, her cosmetic surgeon was able to produce a natural look that suited the rest of her facial features.

Lip Injections

For years, rumors have swirled that Boyle has received numerous facial treatments, including lip injections. Throughout the height of her career, Boyle had relatively thin, natural-looking lips. However, when she made a cameo in Law & Order in 2009, audiences weren't talking about her performance - they were talking about her lips. The injections that Boyle received made her lips appear overblown and very pouty. Viewers criticized her decision to have the procedure done, but the actress has yet to change her look.

Facial Fillers

In recent years, Boyle, who is normally noted for her especially thin frame, has been spotted with puffy facial features. While it is unclear what type of cosmetic procedure Boyle has received, celebrity cosmetic surgeons agree that she has definitely had something done. While some feel that she may have received cheek implants, others believe that she received injectable facial fillers. These fillers are meant to smooth away wrinkles and increase the volume of the skin. When used in moderation, these products can produce noticeable, yet natural changes. However, in Boyle's case, many agree that she has used the products too often.

Botox® Cosmetic

Some have speculated that Boyle has also received Botox® injections to treat the appearance of wrinkles. While there are few visible wrinkles on her face, the actress appears uncomfortable when posing for pictures on the red carpet. Her smile looks forced, and her skin too tight to be all natural.

Learn More about Cosmetic Surgery

While some have criticized the outcome of Lara Flynn Boyle's procedures, plastic surgery can be an excellent way to improve your looks and appear younger. Choosing a skilled cosmetic surgeon will go a long way toward producing natural results. If you are interested in learning more about plastic surgery, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area today.

Image Sources: Laura Flynn Boyle before and after surgery.

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