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Gwen Stefani Makes Braces Fashionable

Gwen Stefani Makes Braces Fashionable


Gwen Stefani first became a role model for girls everywhere when her band, No Doubt, came out with the song I'm Just a Girl in 1996. The song was an anthem for female teenage angst and put Stefani at the forefront of the 90s music scene. Once her songs caught on, Stefani quickly became known for her bold sense of style, including her outrageous pink hair, combat boots, and mid-riff t-shirts.

Througout her career with No Doubt and as a solo artist, Stefani has managed to maintain her unique sense of style, making her an international fashion icon for teens and adults. These days, she focuses mostly on her clothing line L.A.M.B., which is sold in over a dozen countries. Although her clothing line has been praised by top designers, one of her most memorable fashion statements came when she proudly sported braces to correct her smile. The cosmetic dentistry treatments that Stefani received helped transform her look from punk rock goddess to beaming adult.


Gwen Stefani with braces

In 1999, Stefani managed to make braces cool. As the lead singer of No Doubt, she proudly sported a mouth full of metal on the red carpet at a Christian Dior boutique opening. Not only did Gwen wear the braces, she wore a huge smile the entire night, showing off those silver brackets. Teens everywhere rejoiced when they realized that trips to the orthodontist wouldn't signal the end of their social lives. While Gwen's teeth didn't have particularly noticeable gaps or misalignment, the braces helped shift her teeth into their proper position. Prior to the braces her teeth had a "caved in" look and appeared very small, but wearing the braces helped make her teeth appear more prominent. To this day, Stefani is praised for having the self confidence to show off her braces.

Teeth Whitening

Many people have speculated that Stefani has also undergone teeth whitening treatments to enhance her smile. Although her teeth were never noticeably discolored, it is unlikely that her teeth are naturally as bright as they appear today. In fact, Stefani's teeth appear so straight and white that many people mistake them for porcelain veneers. Fortunately for Stefani, she just has a great dentist and excellent oral hygiene habits.

Gwen Stefani before braces

More about Adult Orthodontics

Even though Stefani's fan base was mostly teenagers and young adults when she wore her braces, she was actually 30 years old. Many people have misconceptions about wearing braces as an adult, such as the idea that it takes several years for the braces to be effective. Others even believe that you can only receive braces as a teenager. Fortunately, there is hope for everyone who wants a more beautiful smile. Adults can typically straighten their teeth with braces in about 18 months to two years (the same amount of time as a teenager). In addition, those adults who are concerned about the look of braces now have less-noticeable options such as Invisalign® or ceramic brackets like the braces that Tom Cruise wore. Aligning your teeth will do more than improve the look of your smile, it will also improve your oral health by making it easier to clean your teeth.

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Having a bright, healthy smile goes a long way toward increasing self confidence. Celebrities like Stefani have shown us that it is never too late to correct oral imperfections. If you are interested in learning more about orthodontics or other cosmetic dentistry treatments, contact a qualified cosmetic dentist in your area today.

Image Sources: Gwen Stefani with braces and before braces.

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