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Teri Hatcher - Time to Finally Fess Up to Plastic Surgery?

Teri Hatcher - Time to Finally Fess Up to Plastic Surgery?


  • Date of birth: December 8, 1964
  • Rumored procedures: BOTOX® Cosmetic, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty

People tend to have a natural fascination with celebrities. Whether we want to or not, we watch their every move, wonder what they will do next, and even discuss the latest celeb gossip with friends and co-workers. Some people even become obsessed with the lives of the rich and famous, reading magazines or online blogs about the latest celebrity news. Whether it's a newly arrested starlet, drug-fueled has-been, pregnancy scandal, or the latest plastic surgery speculation, we all remain interested in the lives of the seemingly more fortunate. Why are we so captivated by celebrities? Do we want to be like them? Or, are we glad we aren't? Do we enjoy seeing the glam and glitz? Or, more so, do we enjoy seeing them fall flat on their faces? Regardless of our reasons, which may even be unbeknownst to ourselves, we all are guilty of marveling at the antics of the stars.

Teri Hatcher and Plastic Surgery

One celebrity who has been the topic of much conversation over the years is Teri Hatcher. With stunning beauty and a flourishing acting career, Teri Hatcher remains a highly visible figure in the public eye. While today she is best known as the quirky character, Susan Mayer, on the hit TV show, Desperate Housewives, her acting career dates back as early as the 80s. Many have watched Hatcher transform from a cute 21-year-old on the TV series, The Love Boat, to the sexy 40-something vixen we all know her as today. Many may also have noticed changes in her appearance - both good and bad. Hollywood stars that have been in the business for an extended period of time are under a lot of pressure to maintain their youthful appearance and age gracefully. Most often, they resort to plastic surgery, or cosmetic alterations. BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal fillers are commonly used on celebs. So, the burning question, which has been asked over and over, is: exactly what work has Teri Hatcher had done?

Teri Hatcher before plastic surgery

Her face appears to have been frozen in time, as she maintains smooth, wrinkle-free skin even in her late 40s. Is she naturally blessed with good genes, or has she had a little help from a talented cosmetic physician? The actress herself has responded to speculation regarding plastic surgery, claiming that contrary to rumors, she has had absolutely none - no breast implants, no facelift, no surgery at all. Though she does admit to having dabbled in a bit of BOTOX® Cosmetic from time to time, she claims that she is today completely BOTOX®-free. She has even gone as far as posting photos of herself online wrinkling her forehead to show the muscle movement, and therefore prove the lack of BOTOX®.

Teri Hatcher continues to shoot down plastic surgery rumors, but few people believe that her appearance is all natural. Probably because it is extremely unlikely, and nearly impossible, for a woman of her age to not have a single line or wrinkle on her face. Plastic surgeons have even confirmed that she appears to have had an eye lift, and likely a nose job. So, why won't Hatcher fess up to it, if she has? There is nothing shameful about getting a little help in the looks department. She may feel she is setting a good example by being one of those "you are beautiful just as you are" types. But is she actually setting a bad example by leading people to believe that you can have a flawless, wrinkle-free face, naturally, even in your late 40s? Or, does she simply have a really good makeup artist? Since Hatcher has yet to admit to undergoing plastic surgery, we may never know.

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Image sources: Teri Hatcher before and after plastic surgery.

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