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Suzanne Somers The Face of Beauty No More

Suzanne Somers The Face of Beauty No More


Suzanne Somers, star of the hit 70s TV show Three’s Company, lead in the popular 90s sitcom Step by Step, and ThighMaster extraordinaire was once considered the all-American face of beauty. Though she was at the top of her game decades ago, she is still a well-known celebrity figure. Unfortunately, she tends to be in the news for reasons other than her acting abilities. In the past few months, she has been tabloid fodder due to what many suspect is a botched stem cell face lift.

As a former blond bombshell, Somers probably feels more pressure than most to maintain her appearance. She was somewhat of a role model, or spokeswoman, for older women as she managed to look great well into her 60s. She endorses weight-loss products targeted toward women over the age of 40. She also currently promotes bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is an advanced means of helping relieve symptoms of menopause or depression, and produces a more youthful appearance. Additionally, she has been involved with controversial cancer therapy alternatives.

Suzanne Somers before face lift surgery

Somers has released her own line of beauty products, complete with moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and facial toning ointments, that promise to keep skin fresh, tight, and youthful-looking; however, many believe her beauty products are not the only external help she gets in the looks department. In 2010, Somers appeared on numerous talk shows evidently having had some serious plastic surgery work done on her face. Plastic surgery is a very popular method of altering one’s appearance, particularly among celebrities. There are good plastic surgery outcomes, and there are also horror stories. The public spares no mercy on celebrities who appear to have had some work done, particularly when the outcome is not good. In Suzanne Somers’s case, her plastic surgery result was tragic.

Suzanne Somers and Plastic Surgery

Somers whole career has relied to some degree on her physical attractiveness. With all of the beauty products, weight loss products, and exercise equipment she endorses, as well as the books she has written on being healthy, women looked up to her as a person who seemed to have had it all, even as she ages. When photos emerged all over the Internet and in celebrity gossip magazines of Somers appearing completely different than we all remember her, a huge gasp was heard by practically everyone all over the country. The skin on her chin looked lumpy and bumpy, and her face was bloated, altered, and unnatural looking. So, what happened to Suzanne Somers, the stunning 60-something beauty that most women admired to some degree? Why would someone who promotes a healthy lifestyle and natural approaches to beauty undergo cosmetic surgery? And, what did she have done that made her look so bad?

Suzanne Somers before plastic surgery

It has been speculated that Somers took part in something called a stem-cell face lift, which is not  FDA approved in the United States. The procedure involves the placement of stem cells, which are new cells that split and reproduce, into the skin. The cells are incorporated into the tissue, and are believed to rejuvenate the skin and underlying fat to produce a more youthful appearance. It would not be surprising if Somers did in fact undergo such a new, revolutionary type of plastic surgery, as she has tended to be a strong proponent of advanced medicine. However, it is surprising that she would go so far as to surgically alter her appearance at all. In the past, she has strongly and openly promoted healthy eating, exercise, and natural approaches to beauty, so one would think that plastic surgery was not on her list of things to do.

Plastic surgery can have positive outcomes, as long as the right cosmetic surgeon is performing the procedure. Plenty of celebrities have seen natural results and major improvements in their appearance due to plastic surgery. However, in cases such as Suzanne Somers’s, she should have probably just kept up with her personal product lines to stay beautiful, or gone for a more traditional face lift.

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Image sources: Suzanne Somers in the 70s, before stem cell face lift, and after face lift.

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