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Star Jones Bariatric Surgery

Star Jones Bariatric Surgery


Star Jones first gained national recognition in the world of television while starring as a co-host of the women's talk show, The View. The ladies of the show, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Meredith Viera, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck consistently made headlines for their commentary on hot button issues. Even while working with some of the most opinionated women in the business, Jones managed to be one of the loudest voices and was a viewer favorite. But although Jones is known for her role on the show (as well as the media firestorm that occurred after her "firing"), she is also well known for her significant weight loss. Having struggled with weight her entire life, Jones ultimately decided to undergo bariatric surgery to take control of her health.

The Road to Bariatric Surgery

As a star on the popular daytime television show, The View, Star Jones quickly gained a reputation as the large and lovable co-host. Jones, who at the start of the show weighed 300 pounds, was often vocal about feeling comfortable about her weight. While she faced criticism from some viewers, others praised her for showing pride in her "curvaceous" body. But although Jones told the world that she felt good about her figure, the truth is that she was struggling. In an essay that she wrote after undergoing bariatric surgery, Jones detailed the lifestyle that led her to be extremely overweight. She noted that although her family had very little, her mother always had plenty of food on the table - and Jones was always willing to eat it. By her teens, Jones had begun to associate her large personality with her large size and reached 225 pounds despite the fact that she was only 5'5" in height. Jones also recalled her first television job at NBC and how she felt like an outcast compared to all of the other "skinny and blonde" legal correspondents. By age 40, Jones was 307 pounds and often turned to food as a crutch for emotional issues. Although she was experiencing immense success in her career, she felt unhealthy both physically and emotionally. It wasn't until a friend stepped in that Jones finally realized how serious her situation was, and that she wouldn't live very long if she continued to ignore her health. Finally, on August 19, 2003 Jones received gastric bypass surgery.

Star Jones after bariatric surgery

After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Although Jones was happy with the decision to take control of her health, she only told select friends and co-workers that she had undergone surgery. Jones feared that the surgery wouldn't work and didn't want to be embarrassed once again after a failed attempt to lose weight. The surgery did work, however, and Jones quickly began shedding the pounds. As a TV entertainer, her entire health transformation took place in the public eye. When questioned about the changes, which ultimately added up to over 160 pounds of weight loss in just three years, Jones stated that she had done it through diet and exercise. Viewers were not easily convinced, however, and rumors swirled that she had undergone gastric bypass surgery. Many viewers were angry that Jones was not forthcoming about the source of her weight loss. Finally, in July 2007 Jones admitted to having weight loss surgery in an essay that was published in Glamour magazine. The essay detailed her struggles both before and after surgery, including her struggle to get a handle on her issues with food after losing significant weight. "While I could physically see the positive benefits of the surgery, in my mind I still weighed 307 pounds," she said. In fact, Jones enrolled in therapy to deal with these feelings in 2005. Today, Jones weighs about 150 pounds and is more open about her surgery experience. While she maintains that the surgery worked for her, she is also vocal about the fact that it is not a quick fix, and encourages others to deal with both the physical and emotional issues that are involved in obesity.

Learn More about Bariatric Surgery

Although Jones is a recognized public figure, her experience with gastric bypass surgery is not unlike many others. If you are struggling with your weight and think bariatric surgery may be right for you, contact a bariatric surgeon near you today.

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