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Rex Ryan's Bariatric Surgery

Rex Ryan's Bariatric Surgery


Football players are generally known for being large and in charge. Head coach for the NY Jets, Rex Ryan, was no different. Ryan began his coaching career in 1990, when he served as the defensive coordinator for Morehead State's Division I team. He steadily climbed in the ranks, serving as an assistant coach for several teams, until finally being hired by the Jets in 2009.

Under Ryan's coaching, the Jets have placed second in the AFC East the past two years. While he quickly became known for his large size and large personality, Ryan decided to undergo bariatric surgery after being hired by the Jets, in an effort to preserve his career and support his family.

Deciding on Bariatric Surgery

The son of a former professional football coach, Ryan has said that he knew he wanted to coach football since the age of 6. Growing up in a football family, Ryan developed the appetite to go along with the game. When he was hired to coach the Jets in January of 2009, he weighed 310 pounds. However, the high-stress job quickly caught up to him and by the start of the football season he was 340 pounds. In January 2010, the NY Post reported that Ryan consumed 7,000 calories a day. While that exact number may have been an exaggeration, Ryan admitted to struggling to cut back on his consumption. Even though he had tried several methods to lose weight, including an all-liquid diet, the weight always seemed to come back.

While Ryan often joked about his size, things came to a head when a photograph of him without a shirt went viral. Ryan's weight became a hot topic and he realized that he would have to make changes if he wanted to live a long, healthy life. "I want to see my kids grow," he said. "I want to see my grandkids." After speaking with a former NFL player who had received bariatric surgery, Ryan decided that it was the right choice for him. On March 13, 2010 he received LAP-BAND® System surgery. The results were almost immediate, as Ryan lost 40 pounds just three weeks after the surgery. Ryan has set a final goal of 250 pounds, which he says he hasn't been since 1995. To date, Ryan has maintained his healthier weight, though it is unclear whether he has reached his target.

Understanding the Risks of Bariatric Surgery

Although Ryan knew about the option for bariatric surgery many years before he received the weight loss treatment, he was concerned about the risks involved. In fact, another former football coach, Charlie Weis, underwent gastric bypass surgery and experienced severe complications. However, Weis still encouraged Ryan to go through with the adjustable gastric banding surgery. As with any medical procedure, it is important to consider the risks of bariatric surgery. Candidates for bariatric surgery typically deal with a number of other medical conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure, which can lead to complications during surgery. It is essential to discuss your specific health conditions and risks with your doctor prior to having surgery.

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Image Source: Rex Ryan before and after surgery.

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