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Sarah Jessica Parker Fertility Treatment

Sarah Jessica Parker Fertility Treatment


Most people know actress Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, the New York socialite and sex column writer that she played in the HBO series Sex and the City. Her six year role on the show, as well as in the movies that were released in 2008 and 2010, has made her an international celebrity. In addition, women around the world look up to Parker as a fashion icon. Privately, however, Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick have dealt with much less glamorous aspects of life, including infertility issues. After struggling to have a successful pregnancy for several years, the couple decided to have a baby via a surrogate mother.

Opting for Surrogacy

After getting married in May of 1997, Parker and Broderick welcomed a baby boy, James, in October of 2002. Although the pair was happy to have a healthy child, they had hopes of expanding their family. After several years passed, rumors began to swirl that the couple was suffering from infertility problems. It was later revealed that the couple had been actively trying to conceive, but that Parker was unable to have a successful pregnancy. Although Parker has spoken about her decision to use a surrogate, she has never revealed the exact cause of her fertility problems. In 2008, the couple decided to use a surrogate mother in order to have a child. To their delight, their surrogate actually became pregnant with twins. Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge were born on June 22, 2009, completing the Parker-Broderick family.

As a well-known celebrity, Parker faced unique difficulties while trying to conceive via surrogate. Having dealt with disappointment before in relation to having children, she had wanted to keep her plans to have a child via surrogate a secret for as long as possible. However, on April 28, less than two months before the twins were born, Parker and Broderick announced the news because several tabloids planned to break the story. Following the announcement, Parker and her surrogate, Michelle Ross, were thrust into a media whirlwind. Paparazzi went to extreme measures to find out information about Ross, and even criticized Parker for choosing her as a surrogate. The situation got even more out of hand when two Ohio police officers were accused of burglarizing Ross's home and trying to leak ultrasound photos. Throughout the ordeal, Parker defended her choice of Ross as the surrogate mother and expressed disdain at the actions of the paparazzi.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an alternative to other infertility treatments such as IVF, fertility drugs, and egg donation that allows women with fertility problems to have children. A surrogate mother carries the baby full term but forfeits custody of the baby upon birth. There are two ways that an individual can have a child through a surrogate. Gestational surrogacy is a good option for women who can produce eggs but are unable to carry a child full-term due to complications with the uterus. With this procedure, the baby is not genetically-related to the surrogate mother. Another option is when the surrogate provides the eggs, making the baby genetically-related to her. In both cases, the intended father provides the sperm. The cost of surrogacy varies individually but can reach more than $50,000. The parents are expected to pay for all costs related to the pregnancy, including doctors visits, maternity clothes, and insurance

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