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Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery


  • Date of birth: October 3, 1984
  • Rumored procedures: Chin surgery, rhinoplasty

Ashlee Simpson rose to fame in the mid-2000s with the release of her pop-rock album Autobiography and MTV reality series The Ashlee Simpson Show. As the younger sister to pop-singer Jessica, Simpson strived to set herself apart from her more famous sister. At first, the Pieces of Me singer's look evolved with different hair colors. Eventually, however, Simpson moved on to cosmetic surgery to permanently alter her appearance.


Simpson famously underwent her rhinoplasty surgery in April of 2006, well after she had risen to fame with her reality show and the release of two successful albums. Although she never publicly said that she underwent plastic surgery, about a month after her operation she did tell the Associated Press, "Everybody's already saying it, so I just don't talk about it. I'm like, okay, whatever. It doesn't bother me."

Most people felt that the before and after photos of the actress and singer were clear evidence of a nose job. Simpson's nose was noticeably different; the bump on the bridge was removed, the bridge appeared thinner and the tip more refined. In 2007, Simpson's father said in an interview with Fox News that "there was a real problem with her breathing and that was cured."

Two years after having nose surgery, Simpson herself came as close as she ever has to admitting she had undergone a rhinoplasty, saying "as long as people have two eyes" they would be able to tell if she has had cosmetic nose surgery.

Cosmetic Chin Surgery

There has been much speculation on the subject of Simpson's possible chin surgery. Some allege that she underwent chin reduction surgery to make it appear less prominent. Others believe that Simpson actually had a chin implant placed to make the chin more broad and less angular. Cosmetic chin surgery is commonly performed in combination with rhinoplasty. Like nose surgery, chin augmentation or reduction surgery can balance out the face and subtly improve a patient's appearance.

BOTOX® Injections

Ashlee Simpson after plastic surgery

Despite Simpson's age, many experts believe that she has had BOTOX® Cosmetic injected around her eyes and mouth. Plastic surgeons cite the lack of wrinkling around Simpson's eyes and mouth when she smiles and her overly arched brows as evidence of BOTOX® Cosmetic use. Naysayers maintain that the arched brows could be due to strategic eyebrow tweezing, while lack of facial expressions could be attributed to excessive make-up or the angle of certain photographs. Since Simpson is only in her twenties, most people feel that BOTOX® injections are not appropriate for a person her age. However, others say that use of BOTOX® Cosmetic at an earlier age can help prevent premature wrinkles.

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