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Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery


  • Date of birth: December 18, 1980
  • Rumored procedures: breast augmentation, lip enhancement, liposuction, rhinoplasty, skin tightening

Christina Aguilera has been in the public eye since childhood. Since then, her appearance and image has changed so tremendously that many believe plastic surgery played a major role in Aguilera's transformation. It is rumored that the pop star underwent breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation earlier in her career, in addition to liposuction and skin tightening procedures following the birth of her son.

Breast Augmentation

When Aguilera's career took off in the late 1990s, her breast size was an estimated large A-cup to a small B-cup. During the publicity tour for the release of her second album, many experts speculated that Aguilera had a modest breast augmentation that increased her breast size to a small C-cup. Because the pop star had smaller implants placed, the result was more natural looking.

However, as the pop star gained some additional weight in her early twenties, the size of her breasts continued to grow. During and after her pregnancy with her son Max, Aguilera's breasts grew to a reported E-cup. When they went back down in size, some outlets reported that Aguilera had her implants removed. Others believe, that they naturally decreased in size after she stopped breastfeeding. Plastic surgeons say that if Aguilera had her implants removed, she would likely need a breast lift operation to tighten the stretched out skin and reposition the nipple.


Christina Aguilera rhinoplasty

Though many experts and the general public agree that Aguilera underwent breast augmentation, her nose enhancement is so subtle that it could be the result of make-up and certain camera angles. The bridge and tip of her nose appear to be thinner in photos taken of Aguilera after her second album came out, and many people believe her new nose is the result of a rhinoplasty.

Lip Augmentation

Aguilera was photographed with her lips looking fuller in photos that were published after she had her son. Many believe that she underwent lip injections to achieve this effect. If she did undergo a lip augmentation procedure, Aguilera's surgeon only injected a small amount of filler into her lips, producing a more natural looking result than those seen on other celebrities.


It is reported that Aguilera lost about 40 pounds of pregnancy weight in just a few months. Some tabloid magazines and gossip blogs claimed that Aguilera underwent liposuction surgery and skin tightening treatment such as VelaShape on select areas of the body to help her get back in shape. However, Aguilera could have followed a strict diet and exercise regime to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

Since filing for divorce from husband Jordan Bratman, Aguilera has gained some weight, prompting speculation that the singer will undergo more plastic surgery to slim down. Plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatments can help patients shed those extra pounds and feel more confident about their bodies. However, these treatments are most effective when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

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Image sources: Christina Aguilera breast augmentation and rhinoplasty

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