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Is Custom LASIK Worth the Cost?

Is Custom LASIK Worth the Cost?


When you are considering laser eye surgery, the price is a major factor. Since insurance typically does not cover corrective eye surgery, it can be tempting to simply choose the least expensive option. However, when it comes to medical procedures, you always want the best, even if it costs a little extra money. This is especially true when it involves something as important and vulnerable as your eyes. Your decision should be primarily based on your goals for LASIK eye surgery treatment and your current ocular health.

How Traditional LASIK Works

Most vision problems result from the eye's inability to refract light correctly. Before traditional LASIK surgery, your doctor will test your vision by holding up various lenses to your eyes, much as he would do if he were outfitting you with glasses or contacts. During the procedure itself, your doctor will create a small flap in the surface of your eye. The flap gives the surgeon access to your cornea, which he or she will reshape using a computer-driven excimer laser. By reshaping the cornea, the surgeon is able to correct the distorted refraction of light. Traditional LASIK is effective in treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

How Custom LASIK Works

Until recently, patients with severe astigmatism or higher order vision aberrations, such as glares, halos, and double vision, did not qualify for LASIK surgery. Today, thanks to the development of advanced Wavefront technology, doctors are able to treat patients with these more complex vision problems. The Wavefront system, adapted from NASA technology, uses highly precise lasers to create a three-dimensional digital map of your eye. Your doctor will shine a laser in your eye, and computers will measure the degree of refraction as it passes through your cornea and lens. This advanced technology enables your doctor to detect problems 25 percent more accurately than with the traditional LASIK procedure. The surgeon will then program the laser specifically for your eye, based on this precise digital image. Because of its highly personalized nature, custom LASIK can treat 60 higher order vision aberrations that cannot be treated with traditional LASIK.

Custom LASIK Is Worth the Price

For patients with higher order vision aberrations, custom LASIK is an invaluable investment. However, more and more doctors are recommending that their patients receive custom LASIK, even if they are only looking to correct lower order vision problems. While both traditional and custom LASIK can give patients 20/20 vision or better, patients who choose custom LASIK typically have a higher chance of experiencing near-perfect vision. In addition, custom LASIK also improves vision quality, such as the perception of contrast and sharpness. In turn, this leads to a reduced risk of post operative complications such as glare, halos, or difficulties with night vision. If you have very minor vision problems that require minimal correction, traditional LASIK may be a great fit for you. However, in nearly every situation, custom LASIK is worth the higher price tag. Fortunately, most eye surgeons offer flexible financing options to address LASIK eye surgery cost that will enable you to achieve clear, sharp vision while remaining within your budget.

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