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Am I a Good Brow Lift Candidate?

Am I a Good Brow Lift Candidate?


As you age, the skin over your forehead loses elasticity and moisture. In many cases, even if you religiously apply topical treatments to your face, like moisturizers or retinols, you will find minor improvement, but not the dramatic transformation you desire. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your brow, a brow lift may be just the procedure for you. Your plastic surgeon will tighten the muscles that rest over your forehead, as well as the overlying skin. While a plastic surgeon will need to have the final word on whether this treatment is right for you, consider the factors that point to whether you make a good brow lift candidate:

You Have Forehead Lines and Bridge-of-Nose Wrinkles

You may end up with lines and wrinkles in your forehead as a result of repeated expressions that you make throughout your life. These lines may make you appear years older than your actual age, causing you to feel self-conscious. Once these deep lines have formed, you cannot treat them with topicals alone. And while dermal fillers may improve your appearance temporarily, you will need to return for touch-ups. If you are looking for a long-term solution to forehead lines and wrinkles, including those that form across the bridge of your nose, you may make an excellent candidate for a brow lift.

You Always Looks Tired and Sad

The muscles that lie beneath your forehead begin to droop as you age. They lose their tightness, which causes a sagging, less than alert appearance. This, in turn, causes your eyebrows to fall, as well. Rather than looking happy and alert, you may look tired and sad, even if you feel refreshed and happy. If you are tired of your outer appearance failing to match the way you feel on the inside, you might be a great candidate for a brow lift. Your tightened brow will raise your eyebrows for a more youthful, alert look that gives off a much softer impression.

You Are Willing to Follow Pre-Surgical Requirements

Wanting the desired effects of a particular cosmetic surgery is one essential part of establishing candidacy. However, because a brow lift is a surgical procedure, you will need to consult your plastic surgeon regarding whether you are in good enough health. In addition, a brow lift includes a variety of pre-surgical requirements to reduce the chance of complications. While choosing a highly-trained plastic surgeon greatly reduces your risks, you will still need to follow important guidelines, including the following, to secure your candidacy:

  • If you smoke, stop smoking, at least for the amount of time specified by your surgeon
  • Cease taking medications that your surgeon has asked you to temporarily stop, such as blood-thinning drugs, which can result in increased bleeding
  • Your plastic surgeon may require you to take blood tests, or provide health records, to ensure you are in good health

Consult a Plastic Surgeon

To learn more about the benefits of brow lift, and whether the procedure is a good fit for your needs, speak with an experienced plastic surgeon in your area today.

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