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Joseph F Capella, M.D.
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Ramsey Office

Well, at least Facebook lets me delete posts I no longer want live. I asked DocShop months ago to remove my review; they said they would but did not comply. Allow me to explain something about Social Media: We all have vulnerabilities, histories, ups, downs - and today's media provide ways for us to at once share these vulnerabilities and to expose the world to how we think and feel at a particular moment in time. When I post, I am ultimately making a statement about myself. If, on occasion, I post something here that's bound-up with complex emotions that may never ever resolve, that is my choice, even if I may later regret being so authentic and transparent about my feelings. And it would be very nice if on those occasions, this social media site allowed me to edit or delete my post... Just like Facebook does. Readers be aware that whatever you post here is in the public domain forever. The truth is, I did not question Scott's credentials. I was well aware that he began his career with a BS as a respiratory therapist and later returned to school to earn his MS from Johns Hopkins to become a P.A. I knew this because Scott had told me his story a long time ago when I stood in his office chatting with him, and where his degree is prominently hung on the wall. What actually happened is that another surgeon made false accusations to me about Scott's credentials and I defended Scott to her on more than one occasion. And this is what I told Scott on the phone call that day but we both misunderstood each other because our emotions were running high. It all snowballed from there. As all of us are only too aware, the loud and frantic voices of the outer world easily drown out the small still loving voice within. Scott is the person who during my stage 2 Betadine wash apologized that it would not be as warm this time, remembering how cold I had been during my tummy tuck wash. He was the person who, during my wash, asked how I felt because I had told him the day prior that I was afraid I’d have a panic attack. He was the person who giggled at me when I waved at him from the OR table. And he was the person who comforted me by placing his hand on my chest after he covered me with the blanket. That is a snapshot of who Scott really is. I have only love for him. I have written this review completely of my own accord. I was not asked to write a retraction.

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Ramsey Office

I am a long standing patient of Capella Plastic Surgery. Scott Woehrle PA-C, first surgical assist to Dr. Joseph F. Capella, became very offended by my inquiry about his credentials. Scott spoke to me in an emotional and unprofessional manner on the phone. And although I tried to calm him down, Scott remained angry. He now refuses to assist Dr. Capella in my stage 3 surgery, putting both my safety and my results at risk. I even went so far as to attempt to reconcile with Scott face to face when I was in NJ, using Dr. Capella as a conduit, but Scott did not respond to me. This speaks volumes to Scott's integrity and patient care and safety.

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A. Ramsey Write a Review 545 Island Rd # 2a  Ramsey, NJ 07446 (201) 818-9199 LOCATION INFO
B. New York Write a Review 461 Park Ave S # 7  New York, NY 10016 (212) 772-1000 LOCATION INFO