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Rosemarie Baro, D.D.S.
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Rosemarie Baro, D.D.S.

Dr. Baro is very friendly and attentive. Her staff is also very nice. They are great especially with my sons. We have been coming here for over 2 years, and are very pleased with the service and care we receive. Would highly recommend her.

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Miami Office

Horrible, Lying and Unprofessional Dump. I recently signed up with a new health and dental plan through United Healthcare. I checked the United Healthcare website to locate a dentist. I called Baro Family Dental to make an appointment, a week in advance, for 2 adults and one child. Maria, the office manager, made a 3pm appointment for all three of us. I thought it was odd that Maria refused to take my last name or insurance info. I actually tried to insist that she at least listen to my insurance info, but she refused. She would not even record my last name. She stated,"Just come in. Everything will be fine." I arrived 30min early and presented my insurance cards. She then nonchalantly told me that they are not accepting adults, only children. I immediately new her refusal to serve me was related to my health plan, I argued, how can you make an appointment for 2 adults last week and then refuse them service? She closed her little yellow office window on me. I called my insurance carrier and they spoke with her. She explained that there decision on whether to see adults can change by the hour. The fat cow continued to lie through her teeth while the dentist cowered behind the counter out of site. Ultimately, she refused to provide dental care to my child as well, b/c I was upset that she so casually wasted my time. The office itself was a dump, worthy of its Little Havana address. They even used gold mailbox stickers for their sign...extra classy. A place this cheep and poorly run undoubtedly uses inferior dental equipment and I would be scarred of their cleanliness and sterility. It probably works out for the best that they refused service despite being 30min early for our appointment

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A. Miami Write a Review 1449 W Flagler St  Miami, FL 33135 (305) 642-7722 LOCATION INFO