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Christopher Kurimoto, D.D.S.
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Christopher Kurimoto, D.D.S.

CHRISTOPHER KURIMOTO is the WORST DENTIST I've been to. Put my LIFE IN DANGER, was not sorry, and still wants $$$ from me! This dental office NEGLECTED their patients' MEDICAL INFORMATION by not putting it in their new system. This resulted in me having an ALLERGIC REACTION after my dental visit because the dental hygienist USED LATEX GLOVES even though on the MEDICAL RECORD SAYS I'M ALLERGIC TO LATEX. Her excuse was they have a new system and the medical information was not transferred to the new system that's why she didn't know about my allergy to latex. After getting in contact with latex they didn't do anything to prevent any allergic reaction! They didn't make sure if I will be okay and will not have an ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK! Christopher Kurimoto was not sorry. The next day I went to his office to show him what happened to my face FULL OF HIVES, SWOLLEN WITH BURNING SENSATION as a cause of allergic reaction, but he put the blame on me for the pain and suffering I'm experiencing trying to get away with his office's dental negligence! I wouldn't want this to happen to me! My birthday was the next day and didn't get to celebrate it because of my condition! In fact I told the dental hygienist to change her gloves as soon as I realized she's using latex! He did not show a slight concern or feel sorry for what happened. He even told me that I should be happy because he's not billing me for going to his office the following day just to show him what happened to my face. Are you serious?! HE'S ONLY THINKING ABOUT MONEY! HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HIS PATIENTS!

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