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David E Townsend, D.D.S.
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David E Townsend, D.D.S.

I was going to a dentist which was an hour and a half away from me that x-rayed my teeth and told me I needed 12 root canals done and that the rest of my teeth in my mouth needed fillings and maybe 1 extraction. I literally had to have my whole mouth fixed. I decided to go to David Townsend because he was only about 30 minutes away from where I lived and I needed so much work done that I couldn't drive an hour and a half every single week. He did my whole mouth in TWO days. The 1st day, he did fillings (which were supposed to be root canals) and that day when the numbing wore off, a filling was sticking way out of my tooth between another tooth and it was cutting my tongue so my mom had to file it down with a nail file! The 2nd and final day, I had the rest of my fillings done and 2 teeth extracted. That day when the numbing wore off, I called the emergency line due to it being after hours and left a voicemail crying my eyes out because I was in so much pain. The next morning he called me back and agreed to meet me at his office to see what was going on and give me a prescription for pain medicine. My mouth was infected ALREADY so he also gave me an antibiotic. When I was putting my kids in the car to leave, he was sitting in his truck staring at me and he yelled HEY so I turned around. His exact words were "Girl those shorts look good on you!". I was shocked. I didn't know what to do so I just kinda laughed like are you serious?.. That day, I tried to fill my pain meds and because of a medicine I was on, it would have interfered with the pain meds so the pharmacy had to get his approval before filling it. When I heard from him almost 24 hours later, he informed me that the pharmacy told him that the meds would interfere with a medicine I was already on and that he couldn't give them permission to fill it which I had no control over so I just had to stay in pain. 3 weeks later, I call him still in pain and he tells me that there is nothing that he can do because they didn't reopen until Tuesday which was still like 4 or 5 days away and by then my insurance would be cut off. I had called the emergency line which is his house phone prior to talking to him and his wife picked up to tell me that he was at the office seeing a patient already and that he could just see me after her but when he called me back, he said no. I have still been in extreme pain so I went to the emergency room and of course they couldn't do anything because they don't have dental equipment/machines. The other day I went to another dentist and had xrays done, but because I don't have insurance that's all I could do. That dentist told me that I have three teeth with cavities that are all hitting nerves and fillings over top of those cavities and that I will have to have them pulled! They just looked at the right side of my face on the xray tho because that's all that has been hurting but now my left side is also hurting! it feels like needles are stabbing me everywhere in my face!!! I have been in pain now for almost 2 months and now I'm going to have a MINIMUM of three teeth pulled out of my mouth. Mind you, he already pulled 2 and now the left side of my face feels the same as my right. I'm 22 years old and I'm not gonna have any teeth because of this man!!! & I have to deal with the pain every day!

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