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Jeffrey Becker, M.D.
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Jeffrey Becker, M.D.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! This so-called Dr waltzes into the exam room 1 hour and fifteen minutes late. He couldn't even be bothered to say "Sorry about that" - not a word. Never introduced himself - since I never saw him and it took four months to get an appointment I didn't know his name. He never asked me my name. He then performed TWO procedures on my body without a) telling me what he was about to do b) getting my consent. What kind of Dr performs procedures without information given to the patient and consent given by the patient? Answer: A QUACK! Then, he leaves the exam room. His assistant enters with a consent form - about 10 blanks are left blank on the consent form - and she says: "Here, sign this." When I asked her what it was for she said: "minor procedure." So, he was about to do more procedures on my body - only this time he was having me sign a consent with blanks not filled in! Who the hell signs consent forms without everything stipulated? I left his office after the assistant couldn't look me in the eye. Of course, the Dr NEVER called me to see if I needed aftercare, or what kind of damage he inflicted upon me in his office. I wrote a letter to ABQ Health Partners. A full two weeks later I get a call from some ignorant corporate attorney named Jonathan Bell - some goofball from corporate I'm guessing. He was, of course, apologetic and blathered on and on. Then he told me everything that happened in my visit was "up to our standard of care." I asked him to repeat that 1) Performing procedures without consent is their standard of care 2) Asking patients to sign consent forms without fully explaining the procedure is their standard of care 3) Asking patients to sign consent forms with BLANKS left unfilled is their standard of care 4) Arriving 75 minutes late for appointments is their standard of care The SOB hung up on me! Dr. Becker is a burned out old man who should have retired years ago. Judging from others' experiences I can see I am not the only one who feels this way. Want a great Dermatologist? Go see Dr Jill Ortiz. She is at least willing to listen to her patients and not ask them to sign forms with blanks on them and she will not perform procedures until and unless you are comfortable with her proposals for Tx. I have worked in the Health Care field for over 30 years...and NEVER, EVER have I had the displeasure of watching such an obvious quack at work. I will be pursuing a malpractice lawsuit now that I have Mr. Bell on recording stating my visit was up to their "standard of care." It's all I need to sink this Doctor and ABQ Health Partners for their part in covering up for this rotten excuse for a Dr. for an obviously long time - when looking at all the horrible reviews. My goal is to take Dr Becker to task in front of a jury. And let them take away his license. If you would like to join the lawsuit email me: and we'll see if we can get some more testimonials to have Dr Becker defend at his hearing.

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