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The Landings Surgical Centre

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1477 Lower Water St Ste 7A Halifax NS B3J 3Z4 Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Skin Care

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A. Beverly Hills Write a Review 250 N Robertson Blvd Ste 506 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 461-4375
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About Reinisch Plastic Surgery

In a career marked by significant achievement, Dr. Reinisch is most proud of his advances in microtia surgery. After performing the traditional rib cartilage reconstruction method for many years, Dr. Reinisch saw the limitations of this technique. To improve microtia surgery and enable treatment from an earlier age, Dr. Reinisch developed MEDPOR® ear reconstruction. By using biocompatible polyethylene to create a new ear structure, Dr. Reinisch can provide patients as young as three with a natural-looking ear. This method involves fewer procedures, less scarring, and fewer risks than other microtia treatments.

By receiving treatment at a young age, patients can avoid unnecessary bullying and psychological trauma. Working with an otologist, Dr. Reinisch also treats aural atresia and compromised hearing in very young patients. When possible, he recommends inner ear and eardrum reconstruction, but non-candidates have other treatment options available.