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Michael F Bohley, M.D.
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Michael F Bohley, M.D.

Dr.Bohley is an amazing artist. I have been to him for 2 surgeries now and am planning a few procedures to be done soon. He first did breast implants and took me from a child bearing C cup to a voluptuous DD. They look and feel full, yet natural and soft. No one can ever tell they are implants by feel. Might be a giveaway cause I am a petite person with very voluptuous breasts. Over 10 years later and I still love them. The second procedure was a major scar revision. I was in a serious car accident that forced me to be in the hospital in critical condition for weeks. I had multiple internal organs damaged the resulted in an incision from my rib cage center to my pelvic bone. My stomach was left open to heal from the inside out for a week or so, then closed with huge medical grade staples. Well needless to say I had a monsterous scar right down the middle of my torso. It was about an inch and a half wide and had the staple marks all the way down. Not to mention my belly button was gone. Dr.Bohley, did a scar revision surgery that took all the staple marks out, he built me a belly button and made the scar just a fine line instead of the inch and a half wide. As time goes by the scar gets lighter and lighter. He saved me from all the stress and discomfort and embarrassment I used to feel with anyone seeing that hideous scar. Now I wear a bikini and think nothing of it. I love Dr. Bohley and will go to him for any procedure i choose to do in the future. He is honest, very compassionate and he knows his stuff.

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A. Portland Write a Review 10201 SE Main St # 20  Portland, OR 97216 (503) 253-3458 LOCATION INFO