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Before and after butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

A small or flat rear end can affect the proportions of your body and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

A Brazilian butt lift uses your own natural fat to enhance the contour, size, and shape of your rear end for a fuller, curvier figure.

So why do so many patients choose Brazilian butt lifts?

The Safest, Quickest, and Most Cost-Effective Butt Lift Option

Safe Surgery with Lifelike Results

Since this type of butt lift uses your own tissue to enhance your rear end, there is almost no chance of an allergic reaction (unlike synthetic materials). In addition, fat transfer looks more natural than butt implants.

Tone Other Areas of Your Figure

The fat tissue for your butt lift comes from other areas of your body. Using liposuction, your doctor can target flabby areas, such as the abdomen and thighs, providing an overall more toned appearance.

Less Invasive

During Brazilian butt lift, your doctor will use a tiny needle to add fat to your rear end. The injection points are virtually invisible, making this treatment much less invasive than a surgical butt lift or butt implants.

Let's take a closer look at Brazilian butt lifts...

A Brazilian Butt Lift Can Help You Love Your Figure

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*According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

See the dramatic results a Brazilian butt lift can achieve...

Before and after butt lift

I've Heard Horror Stories about This Procedure

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, Brazilian butt lifts can provide excellent results. However, issues arise when surgeons do not respect the process or lack proper training. In some cases, they may inject the fat too deeply into the muscles. Choosing a skilled surgeon who has experience in liposuction and body contouring can help you avoid complications and ensure you remain safe during and after your butt lift.

Let's break down the Brazilian butt lift procedure...

Enhance Your Curves in Four Easy Steps

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Your doctor will first administer anesthetic or sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment.

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Using a thin tube, your doctor will collect fat tissue from your stomach, thighs, or other areas. They may gather up to three times of the amount needed to ensure there is plenty of high-quality tissue.

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Fat Isolation

Using a centrifuge, your doctor will carefully process the fat tissue to isolate the best cells for transfer.

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Fat Injection

Finally, your doctor will use a very thin needle to add the fat back into your buttocks. By placing multiple injections at different depths, they can create a natural, balanced result.

I don't like my butt. Is a Brazilian butt lift my only choice?

Learn More about Your Options

Brazilian butt lifts typically add volume and size, but they cannot address sagging or excess skin. For those issues, a traditional surgical butt lift may be a better option. In addition, if you do not have enough excess fat on your body for a Brazilian butt lift, your doctor may recommend implants or another filler to increase the volume of your rear end. However, for many women, a Brazilian butt lift is the safest and most lifelike option for achieving the results they want.

If you are interested in a fuller, curvier appearance, Brazilian butt lift can sculpt the sexy figure you desire. To learn more about this procedure, schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon today.

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