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Bicep Implants


Bicep implants are used to increase the mass and definition of the upper arms. Sometimes, even with vigorous exercise, people are not able to shape and tone their biceps to their satisfaction. Bicep implants help such people achieve the appearance of larger, more defined muscles in their arms. Bicep implants can improve the proportion and appearance not only of the biceps but of the entire body.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Bicep Implants?

Ideal candidates for bicep implants are men and women who would like to have fuller, more defined looking muscles in the arms. Patients should be in good overall health, psychologically stable, and aware that bicep implants are intended for aesthetic improvement, not perfection. Patients should arrange a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine whether they are good candidates for bicep implants. During this plastic surgery consultation, they should discuss their cosmetic goals and expectations and ask whatever questions they might have about bicep implants. If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve the appearance of your arms through implant surgery, use DocShop’s online directory to find a cosmetic surgeon in your area, experienced in the placement of bicep implants.

The Bicep Implant Procedure

During the bicep implant procedure, an incision is made in the inconspicuous crease of the armpit. A pocket is then created large enough to hold the bicep implant. The bicep implants are then inserted through the incision and precisely positioned within the soft tissue. This area, consisting of muscle and fat, will form scar tissue that will help keep the implant in place. The incision is closed with sutures, and a bandage is applied to reduce swelling and discomfort. Recovery after bicep implant surgery may take up to four weeks. Moving your arms may be difficult for the first week.

Bicep Implant Benefits

Bicep implants can help patients who seek a fuller, more muscular and defined appearance in their arms. Bicep implants may be useful to patients who, despite exercise, are unable to achieve the look they desire. Bicep implants can restore balance and proportion to patients with underdeveloped arms. Many bicep implant patients report an increased sense of self-confidence after surgery, and many feel comfortable wearing more revealing clothing that they would otherwise have felt uncomfortable wearing.

Bicep Implant Risks

Although serious bicep implants complications are rare, all surgical procedures carry the risk of complications. Bruising and swelling often occur but should subside within days. Infection is a rare occurrence and may require the removal of bicep implants. Bleeding could produce excessive bruising or a hematoma, necessitating further medical treatment and longer recovery. Muscle or nerve damage is very rare. Even so, nerve damage is typically temporary. Other possible complications include asymmetry, excessive firmness, or implant shifting.

Find a Cosmetic Surgeon in Your Area to Learn More about Bicep Implants

If you are unhappy with the size or definition in your arms, bicep implants may be the ideal plastic surgery option for you. Bicep implant patients have reported an increase in self-confidence after the procedure. If exercise alone cannot produce the look you desire or if you have underdeveloped arms, arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for bicep implants. Use DocShop’s online directory to locate an experienced plastic surgeon in your area.

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