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Small Breast Implants

Small Breast Implants


Women thinking about breast augmentation have a large selection of breast implant sizes to choose from. A more natural look can be obtained by small breast implants, which can increase size and lift while maintaining a more modest look. This technique has become more popular lately, though several women who decide to go for a smaller implant sometimes regret that they didn't go larger. If you're thinking about getting implants, carefully consider both smaller and larger implants before deciding which one will be best.

Size Options

So what is the right size breast implant for breast augmentation? Everyone has their own opinion, and there is a great selection of different sizes for people to choose from. Implants range from their smallest at 125cc, to 1200cc, which is as big as they can legally get. (Implants are measured through cubic centimeters, or cc's.) Deciding between different sized implants can be based on a few factors, like the current shape and size of the patient's breasts, the patient's body type, and what kind of look the patient is going for.

A surgeon, through talking to the patient and taking her measurements, can help determine the right size by finding out what the patient's specific goals and desires are. Patients with the most satisfaction with post-surgery results tend to be people who go into the surgery with realistic expectations, and the desire to enhance their appearance for themselves and no one else. Patients who get pressured into larger implants by their significant others or friends can end up becoming deeply unsatisfied with the results and seek more surgery to correct it in the future.

Conservative Implants

Women seeking a more natural and younger look to their breasts should seriously think about getting small breast implants. They are ideal for "filling out" clothing and swimsuits without being flashy and alerting other people to the notion that surgery was involved. The smaller implants also can restore breast volume lost because of breast feedings or pregnancies, bringing the breasts back to their original contour and size. This is sometimes called a "mommy makeover", but falls within the traditional notion of breast enhancement. Women who haven't had kids choose small breast implants too, seeking a more natural look through their smaller size.

Benefits of Smaller Implants

There are many advantages to choosing small breast implants for breast augmentation surgery. Here are some of the benefits to smaller implants:

  • Not as noticeable, ideal for those who are seeking improvement but not unwanted attention
  • Appear more natural and therefore may fit into an established lifestyle more easily
  • Less obtrusive than larger implants which may slightly alter everyday activities
  • Recipients can more easily wear an assorted selection of clothing and still fill them out better
  • Athletic activities aren't interfered with, the same with a more active lifestyle

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Photo credit: James P. Wire, MD

Disadvantages of Small Implants

The main drawback about small breast implants are that patients sometimes regret they didn't go bigger. This actually ends up being the number one reason why people undergo breast augmentation surgery again. Otherwise smaller implants have the same chance of complications occuring as normal or larger breast implants.

Learn More about Small Breast Implants from a Surgeon

If you're looking to get small breast implants or are still deciding what will be right for you, then talk to a surgeon to get more detailed information. If you need a surgeon, DocShop's directory of doctors and surgeons can help you find a skilled expert near you today.

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