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Textured & Smooth Breast Implants

Textured & Smooth Breast Implants


Once you've decided to get breast augmentation surgery, you need to choose either textured breast implants or smooth breast implants. Through this article, you'll be able to see what makes these two types different so you can make the right choice for yourself.

Two Implant Texture Options

Breast implants come in two different textures: textured or smooth. The textured surface is rough, giving traction to the surface like fine sandpaper. The smooth surface is sleek and unvarying, a smooth plastic cover all the way around. Each of these different surface types hold individual benefits and drawbacks, and should be carefully considered while deciding what implant is right for you.

Smooth Breast Implants

The majority of breast augmentation surgeries use smooth breast implants, which can move without drag once it's placed inside the breast pocket. These implants normally have a thinner skin than their textured counterparts, which contributes to them feeling softer than the textured kind. They also have these benefits:

  • Smooth implants last a long time, normally longer than textured
  • The smooth type costs less than the textured type, partially because they are more common
  • The smooth implants have a lower chance of rippling once placed

Textured implants were thought to lower the chance of capsular contracture, where the scar tissue around the breast implant tightens and hardens. Evidence of this benefit hasn't been clear though, and surgeons don't fully agree whether it gives the patient a better chance against capsular contracture. Because of that, many surgeons utilize smooth breast implants. In order to reduce the risk surgeons will sometimes place them under the muscle tissue instead.

Textured Breast Implants

Textured Breast Implants

The reason textured breast implants were created was to keep the implant from moving around within the breast pocket created by the surgeon. By giving the implant a slight roughness, the surface of the implant adheres to the tissue around it, keeping them in their initial positions. This becomes particularly important with implants that are teardrop shaped, keeping them aligned properly within the breast tissue. If a teardrop shaped implant were to move around, the breast would become distorted and irregularly shaped.

The original notion of textured implants was to help lower the chances of capsular contracture, which is mentioned above, but mainly is when the scar tissue around the implant hardens and squeezes the implant into irregular shapes. Since creation though, there has been no conclusive medical evidence that the claim is correct.

Textured breast implants are known to leak and ripple more often than smooth implants, but textured implants don't become displaced nearly as much. The textured implants also cost more than smooth implants do, so that might factor into your decision if you're deciding which implants to pursue.  In addition, size may be a factor and smaller breast implants could be an option.

Find an Experienced Surgeon to Discuss Your Options

Whether you decide on textured breast implants or smooth breast implants, you'll need an experienced surgeon to place them correctly. DocShop can help you find the skilled and local surgeon you need to help guide you through all the decisions and give you the look you desire.


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