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How to Choose a Breast Revision Surgeon

How to Choose a Breast Revision Surgeon


Most breast implant doctors specialize in placing breast implants, but not removing or replacing them. When you are planning to have implants removed or replaced, it is crucial that you choose a surgeon who can safely and effectively achieve the cosmetic result you desire. Breast implant revision surgeons will not only be able to perform successful implant removal or replacement surgery, but ensure that the results of surgery leave your breasts as attractive as possible.

Although there are many plastic surgeons that perform breast implant revisions, few of these doctors will have a personality that makes you feel comfortable and also have the certification, experience, and expertise to operate on you. When choosing a surgeon, several factors should influence your final decision.

Board Certification

It is recommended that patients choose breast implant revision doctors certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), a specialty board of the American Board for Medical Specialties (ABMS). Because they maintain high standards to ensure that certified doctors provide excellent care, membership in the ABPS requires:

  • A medical school degree
  • Completion of a five-year residency
  • Additional surgical training
  • A primary focus on cosmetic surgery
  • Meeting the ABPS standard of ethics

By choosing a board certified surgeon, you can be confident knowing that you are in the care of a licensed professional with a rigorous educational background. Many cosmetic surgeons proudly display their accreditation on their websites.

Experience and Training

Although many cosmetic surgeons will offer a full range of procedures, they often specialize in one or two procedures. Often, these are areas of particular passion for a doctor, and fields in which they have sought additional education and training. When you are searching for breast implant revision surgeons, ask doctors which procedures they have the most experience in, and how many breast implant revisions they have performed. Doctors who have not performed many revisions are not the best candidates to perform your surgery - instead, be certain to select a surgeon who has specialized training in breast plastic surgery.

Membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other associations requires a certain level of training, but the most qualified plastic surgeons are lifelong students who continually educate themselves about new techniques and procedures at continuing education classes and seminars. Prospective surgeons are often proud to provide you with lists of the educational institutions where they have received training.

Referrals, Testimonials, and Before and After Photos

When you contact cosmetic surgeons for a consultation about breast revision surgery, they should be proud to discuss their qualifications with you. Ask your prospective surgeon to show you:

  • Testimonials: In addition to printed testimonials from satisfied patients, some surgeons will be able to put you in touch with individuals who have undergone the same cosmetic procedure you're considering.
  • Before and After photos: Images of prior patients allow you to see the results your cosmetic surgeon achieved with previous procedures. Be sure to ask specifically for images of patients who have had breast implant revision surgery.

Some doctors openly display these articles on their websites, while others may share them with you during an in-office appointment.

Honest and Open Communication

Finding a breast implant revision surgeon you can trust is just as important as locating a doctor with expertise and experience. When working with a cosmetic surgeon that they like and trust, patients will:

  • Be comfortable discussing their expectations and goals for surgery
  • Feel confident about developing a surgical plan
  • Experience better follow-up care

Schedule consultations with potential surgeons prior to surgery to ensure honest and open communication will be possible with your doctor. While many surgeons may be able to provide excellent results, working with a doctor you respect and trust will ensure a positive experience from start to finish.

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Photo credit: James P. Wire, MD

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