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Breast Revision Cost and Financing

Breast Revision Cost and Financing


When choosing a plastic surgeon, finding a doctor committed to patient health should always be your first consideration. A cosmetic surgeon who is dedicated to safe medical practices and experienced in breast implant revision is invaluable to the success of your cosmetic procedure.

Although quality should be your primary concern when looking for a surgeon, patients researching breast implant revision cost should keep in mind that higher prices do not necessarily equate to better care. Many factors influence the cost of cosmetic surgery, and it is important to consult with surgeons in your area for the most accurate breast implant revision prices.


The cost of breast implant revision will generally be higher than that of the initial breast augmentation. In addition to being more complex than the augmentation procedure, breast implant revisions often require a lengthier surgery. Breast implant revision cost varies depending on:

  • The surgeon: Every cosmetic surgeon sets their own fee scale. Although it may be tempting to associate higher cost with higher quality, the most important factor is finding an experienced surgeon you can trust.
  • The geographic location of the practice: If a practice is located in an upscale, urban area, chances are that their fees will be on the higher side. Patients who live in large cities sometimes travel elsewhere for surgery, where breast implant revision prices are lower.
  • How complicated the procedure will be: In cases where a breast implant is simply being replaced with a larger or smaller alternative such as small breast implants, the cost may not be significantly higher than the original breast augmentation procedure. However, if significant complications have occurred, the surgery will be more intricate, and thus more costly. 

Total costs for breast implant revisions can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000, before additional hospital or anesthesiologist fees. However, some surgeons offer a warranty with their breast augmentation services, and will offer to correct their work free of charge. Or, some doctors may opt to forego a surgeon's fee, and only require payment for anesthesiologist and facility fees.

Insurance Coverage and Financing Options

Most insurance plans do not cover breast implant removal surgery cost, but some carriers will make exceptions if complications with your breast implants, such as capsular contracture, pose a health risk. Some breast augmentation revision surgeons have staff members who are experienced in submitting insurance claims for breast implant revision surgery and can assist you in filing a claim.

If your breast implant revision cost is ineligible for coverage through your insurance provider, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss available financing options with you. Most cosmetic surgery practices offer in-office financing, or accept third party payment solutions.

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