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Breast Revision Results

Breast Revision Results


The results of your breast implant revision procedure will depend largely on your reasons for pursuing surgery. Whether you desire breast implant replacement or removal, the surgery will deliver results designed to better achieve your aesthetic goals and increase your physical comfort. Because it is important to have realistic expectations for treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly discuss breast implant revision results with you before your surgery.

Improved Appearance

Breast implant revision surgery may be performed to correct defective implants, resulting in a more attractive appearance. Occasionally, the implants placed during initial breast augmentation surgery may ripple, wrinkle, or leak, creating an unnatural appearance. These irregularities may be corrected with breast implant revision surgery, so your implants are as attractive and well-shaped as you had initially envisioned.

The appearance of scars may also be improved during revision surgery. Over time, scars appearing around the incision site may thicken or darken; by surgically excising these areas, your cosmetic surgeon can position new scars more discreetly.

Increased Physical Comfort

Breast implant revision results in increased physical comfort when it corrects complications such as capsular contracture or ruptured implants. Capsular contraction occurs when excessive scar tissue causes implants to harden or become immobilized, causing both an unnatural appearance and considerable physical discomfort. By surgically removing the affected tissue and replacing the implant, your cosmetic surgeon will be able to restore a comfortable, natural feel to the breasts. In some cases, breast implant revision results in a switch from saline to silicone implants.

Health Benefits

Breast implant revision surgery results in health benefits by eliminating infection, bleeding, implant leakage, and other potentially hazardous complications. By replacing the damaged implant, your cosmetic surgeon improves your physical health in addition to restoring the appearance of your breasts.

Change in Implant Size

Women may choose to replace their existing breast implants with smaller or larger alternatives, resulting in an increase or decrease in their breast size. In some cases, surgery will result in a different placement of the implants-for example, they may be moved from on top of to beneath the pectoral muscle-or a change from saline to silicone implants.

Implant Removal

When a woman chooses to have her implants removed rather than replaced, the breasts will return to their natural size. Because the skin of the breasts has stretched in order to accommodate the implants, the natural breasts will not look identical to their post-surgical state. In fact, due to the presence of excess skin, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend that a breast lift be performed in conjunction with your breast implant revision surgery.

Realistic Expectations for Results

While breast implant revision may be an excellent solution for women with defective implants, or who wish to significantly change the size of their breasts, it is important to maintain realistic expectations about what corrective surgery can accomplish. After breast augmentation, a woman's breasts should look and feel natural, but perfect shape and symmetry, as with natural breasts, are rare. Because any cosmetic procedure carries a measure of risk, women who are seeking to perfect an already successful breast augmentation may be advised to consider the pros and cons of additional surgery.

Maximizing Your Breast Implant Revision Results

Most women who have had breast augmentation can expect to undergo at least one breast implant revision surgery, simply because breast implants are not lifetime devices and will likely need replaced at some point. Whether you choose breast implant removal or replacement, there are ways to ensure the best possible results from breast implant revision surgery:

  • Choose a surgeon you can trust
  • Educate yourself about the procedure
  • Choose the right type of implant replacements
  • Follow all pre-op and recovery instructions
  • Have reasonable expectations for your results

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