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How to Choose an Eyelid Surgeon


When searching for the right cosmetic eye surgeon to perform your eyelid surgery, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. Your surgeon is the most important factor in the success of any surgery. The information provided below will assist you in identifying a qualified blepharoplasty surgeon to perform your procedure. Some of the differences between an ophthalmic plastic surgeon and cosmetic eye surgeon will also be discussed.


Before settling on your cosmetic eye surgeon, you will want to verify that the doctor is a licensed, board-certified professional, and that he or she is innocent of any disciplinary actions or malpractice judgments. Along with these inquiries, you can research the surgeon's training and credentials.


On a personal level, it is important to find an eyelid surgeon who understands and is receptive to your goals and concerns. The success of your surgery depends on your providing an honest and accurate account of your medical history. Most people will want to find a blepharoplasty surgeon with whom they feel comfortable sharing this sensitive information. Trust in your surgeon and your surgeon's trust in you are the beginnings of a successful surgical outcome.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons vs. Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeons

An ophthalmic plastic surgeon is a specialist in ophthalmology who has received additional training in performing plastic surgery as it relates to the eyes and their complementary structures. These professionals are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and undergo rigorous training in the specialty of facial plastic surgery specifically involving the eye. Specialized training in both ophthalmology and blepharoplasty often makes this type of surgeon ideal for such procedures.

While you may expect a cosmetic eye surgeon to be a graduate of an accredited medical school and have additional, rigorous training in the field of cosmetic and/or reconstructive surgery, their training often stops short of any extensive ophthalmic knowledge. A typical cosmetic eye surgeon is not board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology as is an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

The human eye is an extremely complicated structure. Choosing the right physician for your procedure is an important consideration. A professional ophthalmologist trained in plastic surgery has the necessary familiarity with the eye and its related structures. A plastic surgeon, though trained as a medical doctor, may not possess the additional ophthalmic knowledge to make him or her the ideal choice.

In the end, what should ultimately influence your decision is how comfortable you feel with the surgeon. It is important to consider a facial plastic surgeon’s credentials, but they are not always the best predictor of a successful surgical outcome.

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A skilled and qualified blepharoplasty surgeon is the most important component to a successful eyelid surgery. Whether you are considering an ophthalmic plastic surgeon or a cosmetic eye surgeon, DocShop can help you locate the right physician in your area. With the DocShop directory, you can contact an eyelid surgeon in your city today.

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