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Endoscopic Face Lift


For many patients, an endoscopic face lift represents a relatively inexpensive, convenient alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. Because the endoscopic approach is less invasive, it also involves fewer risks and a shorter recovery period than conventional face lift procedures. It can therefore be an effective way to minimize common signs of aging in the face and neck, while avoiding many difficulties associated with cosmetic surgery.

What Is Endoscopic "Scarless" Face Lift Surgery?

Sometimes cosmetic problems are limited to a few specific areas of the face. In such cases, highly focused surgery can accomplish dramatic improvements while remaining far less invasive than traditional face lift procedures. This is particularly true when people are relatively young, or roughly in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. Instead of the relatively long, continuous incisions typically made during a conventional face lift, an endoscopic face lift requires three or more cuts less than one inch long. These are made discreetly above the hairline or behind the ear whenever possible. The convenient size and placement of the incisions result in virtually scarless face lift results.

Once the incisions have been made, the surgeon performing the endoscopic face lift inserts a thin wand-like device below the surface of the skin. Equipped with a small camera, it allows the procedure to be seen on a monitor while the surgeon works. Small surgical instruments are then introduced through the remaining incisions. These are used to remove excess fatty tissue and to reshape facial muscles and tissue that have become loose over time. In this way, many of the key factors contributing to sagging or drooping in the face are resolved.

Endoscopic Face Lift Candidates

The best candidates for an endoscopic face lift are people with moderate facial imperfections caused by excess fatty tissue and facial muscles that have begun to loosen. Many patients have sagging cheeks, visible lines around the nose, and thin, downturned lips. Typically, they still have somewhat supple akin; are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s; and don’t have large amounts of sagging skin. It is also important for prospective patients to have a realistic understanding of what this type of face lift can achieve. Becoming well informed about how the procedure can and cannot improve various cosmetic problems is the first step in deciding on this potentially scarless approach to face lift surgery.

Benefits of Endoscopic Face Lift

In addition to producing nearly scarless face lift results, an endoscopic face lift allows patients to improve areas that are difficult to treat with more conventional face lift procedures such as the lower face lift or mid face lift. In particular, areas toward the center of the face, such as frown lines above the eyes and creases around the nose and mouth, are often difficult to reach during traditional cosmetic surgery. Because they are so small, the incisions made during an endoscopic face lift allow much greater flexibility regarding where surgical instruments may be used. This makes it easier to aesthetically modify even traditionally hard-to-reach areas.

An endoscopic face lift can also involve less time, money, and stress than traditional cosmetic surgery. Less invasive than a traditional face lift, the procedure is much quicker and involves less risk of complications.

Recovery after Endoscopic Face Lift

Because an endoscopic face lift involves a few very small incisions, it tends to produce less bleeding and swelling and requires fewer stitches than a conventional face lift. For these and other reasons, the recovery period following endoscopic surgery is often shorter and more convenient than recovery following a traditional face lift. Recovery may also go more smoothly, since this often scarless face lift approach reduces the risk of many complications associated with similar cosmetic surgery.

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Photo credit: Roger J. Oldham, MD

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