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Arm Lift

Loose, sagging skin and stubborn fat on your upper arms can make you feel self-conscious and limit mobility.

An arm lift (brachioplasty) removes excess skin and fat for toned upper arms and improved confidence.

Let's check out the benefits an arm lift can provide...

Improved Contours & Boosted Self-Esteem

Enhance the Appearance of Your Arms

In addition to removing excess skin and fat, your surgeon can contour the underlying tissues. This can slim the upper arm and improve definition and shape for a more athletic appearance.

Restore Self-Confidence

After an arm lift, many patients feel more confident in their appearance. Along with improved self-esteem, an arm lift can give you more clothing options.

Celebrate Your Fitness

Stubborn fat tissue and stretched skin can hide the results of exercise and dieting. After surgery, many patients experience improved mobility and more noticeable results as they work to tone and build muscle.

So how common is arm lift surgery?

A Safe & Popular Procedure

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that 18,157 arm lift surgeries were performed in the U.S. in 2017. According to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a study of 123 arm lifts performed in a 12-year period revealed only a 4.1% complication rate.

Look at the definition this patient achieved with an arm lift...

Can I Afford It?

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An arm lift costs an average of $4,223. This is an elective procedure, meaning insurance will not contribute to the cost. However, many surgeons offer financing options that make it possible to afford an arm lift on any budget.

How is fat removed during an arm lift?

Now let's take a closer look at the arm lift procedure...

Arm Lift: Step by Step


For your comfort, you will be provided with general anesthesia and remain unconscious throughout surgery.

The Incision

Your doctor will create an incision along the inside or back of the upper arm. The incision usually begins at the underarm and ends just before the elbow.

Altering the Tissue

The excess tissue will be removed. This may include using liposuction to remove excess fat. The underlying muscles and remaining tissue will then be refined for flattering results.


The incision will be closed in a way that results in minimized scarring. You will return home the day of your surgery, and you may need up to two weeks of downtime before resuming work and non-strenuous activity.

Is there any alternative to an arm lift?

Discuss Your Treatment Options with a Doctor

If you only have mild to moderate loose skin in the upper arms, noninvasive skin tightening may be an option for you. This treatment stimulates collagen to tighten skin and improve definition. While the procedure requires no downtime, you may need to undergo several treatments to achieve your goals. Meanwhile, skin tightening cannot address stubborn fat deposits or refine muscle tissue. In contrast, you only need one arm lift procedure to achieve lean, toned contours, and the procedure can address skin, fat, and muscle alike.

If your upper arms make you feel self-conscious, or if diet and exercise have failed to give you toned arms, stop worrying and take the first step toward the confidence and appearance you want. Contact your doctor to schedule your consultation today.

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