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Brow Lift

Over time, facial expressions, sun damage, and aging can cause lines and skin laxity in the brow.

A brow lift can dramatically reduce signs of aging by tightening skin and muscle tissue, helping you look alert and rejuvenated.

How can a brow lift provide the rejuvenation I want?

Modern Techniques Provide Lasting Rejuvenation

Natural-Looking Enhancement

Modern brow lift surgery addresses both the skin and underlying muscle tissue so that you look rested and alert instead of looking like you've had work done.

Minimal Scarring

A brow lift can be performed endoscopically. This approach requires only a few small incisions and the resulting scars are easily hidden in the hairline.


Boosted Self-Esteem

The results of a brow lift can help you to feel more confident and outgoing. This elevation in mood and self-esteem can provide a beautiful complement to your enhanced appearance.

Where are the incisions placed?

A Popular Way to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

*According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

What can I expect the results to look like?

Real Patient Results

before browlift Before

This patient's eyelids sagged due to skin laxity in the brow.

after browlift After

A brow lift helped her to look rested and alert.

What can I expect to pay?

The Cost of Brow Lift Surgery

Asset 9 A brow lift costs an average of $3,374. This does not include expenses such as anesthesia and facility fees, which can cost an additional $1,600 or more.

What happens during surgery?

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The Procedure

You will receive both local and general anesthesia so you can remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Your surgeon creates small incisions within the hairline.

The underlying muscle tissue is lifted and secured using sutures.

The skin is lifted, the excess skin is trimmed away, and the incisions are closed.

Patients can typically return to work in 10 to 14 days.

Is there another way?

Brow Lift Alternatives

You can achieve a subtle temporary lift with BOTOX® Cosmetic, which can relax muscles pulling downward in your brow. Touch-ups are necessary every few months to maintain the results. Injectable fillers can also provide a moderate temporary lift. In some cases, skin resurfacing can provide a skin tightening effect resulting in a slight lift. These treatments can provide noticeable results. Meanwhile, there are exercises and topical creams that are said to be able to provide a lift, but many doctors agree that they are ineffective.

If you look tired or angry due to an aged brow resulting from sun damage or other factors, a lift procedure can provide long-lasting rejuvenation. Talk to your doctor today about how a brow lift can help you look younger and feel more confident.

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