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Fat Transfer

When it comes to restoring youthful volume in the face, many patients want a more natural alternative to synthetic fillers or silicone implants.

Fat transfer uses your own tissue to safely enhance hollow areas or plump thin lips. It can also be used for breast or buttock augmentation.

So it's not just for Brazilian butt lift?

More and More Patients Are Turning to Fat Transfer

Versatile Enhancement

The treatment can literally be applied to any area of concern, from hollow cheeks to disproportionately sized breasts. It can even be used for scar revision.

Minimally Invasive

Because implants require incisions, patients may be left with scars. In contrast, fat transfer is an injectable treatment and produces no scarring in the injection site.

Simultaneously Slim Your Figure

As an added bonus, areas from which the fat is harvested, such as the abdomen, upper thighs, or hips, are precisely contoured with liposuction.

Growing in Popularity Year after Year

41% increase in 2016Fat transfer to the breasts, often referred to as natural breast augmentation, saw the most significant increase of any cosmetic surgery procedure in 2016.

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Can I Afford It?

The cost of fat transfer can fall within a huge range. Patients who are treating the face, for example, could pay anywhere from $350-5,000. There is simply no way to estimate your cost until a surgeon has assessed your goals. Even if your treatment cost seems high, most plastic surgeons accept flexible financing plans. Consider what you spend on eating out in one month. Some plans could bring your monthly payment down to a comparable rate.

Show me what the procedure looks like...

Enhance Your Look in Three Simple Steps

Your doctor will numb the donor site and gently remove excess fat using low-suction liposuction. This will help to preserve the integrity of the fat cells. They may use a specialized type of very thin cannula, or tube, or a small-gauge needle.

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Next, the tissue is cleansed and purified. It will be placed in a centrifuge to separate the healthy, whole fat cells from damaged cells and other tissue.

To complete the procedure, your doctor will simply inject the purified fat into the treatment area.

But is fat transfer right for me?

Consult a Doctor to Learn More

If you want a minimally invasive treatment that carries no risk of allergic reaction, fat transfer could be the solution. However, it cannot be performed on patients who lack sufficient excess fat. And while the results can be long-lasting, your doctor may recommend implants for more predictable and permanent results. You may also find that dermal fillers, such as Restylane® and Juvéderm®, can achieve your goals but they will require periodic touch-ups.

Patients who choose not to place synthetic materials in their body can still enhance their looks. Speak with a doctor to learn whether fat transfer can bring out your best face and figure.

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