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Laser Hair Removal

Thick or unwanted hair on your face, underarms, or bikini area can stop you from wearing the clothes you want and affect your confidence.

While shaving and waxing are pesky temporary solutions, laser hair removal zaps hair follicles to stop or slow down hair growth for months.

I'm curious. What makes laser hair removal so great?

Both Men and Women Can Enjoy the Plentiful Benefits

Get treated in minutes

Although the length of your session will depend on the number and size of the areas you are treating, most laser hair removal appointments can be completed in under one hour.

No more shaving or waxing

Shaving can cause nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Waxing is expensive, painful, and only offers short-term results. In contrast, most patients compare the sensation of laser hair removal to a small rubber band being lightly snapped on the skin.

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Can be performed almost everywhere

Get rid of hair from top to bottom. Lasers can be safely used to remove unwanted hair on your eyebrows, face, upper lip, body, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, and even your backside.

The results can be long-lasting

Although the results of laser hair removal are usually not permanent, most patients have finer, fewer, and lighter hair when it does grow back. Touch-up sessions can help keep hair at a minimum for several months.

Will I Be Happy with My Results?

*According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information

Will it make a difference in how I look?

But Isn't It Expensive?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost is $293 per session. However, this will depend on the area you are treating. In general, the smaller the area, the slimmer the cost. However, when added up annually, laser hair removal can be less expensive than waxing.

What happens during each session?

What to Expect During Your Treatment

15 minutes to one hour

The length of your procedure will depend on the number of areas you are treating, but small areas like your upper lip can be treated within minutes. Larger areas like your back and legs can take up to one hour.

First 24 hours

In the day following your procedure, avoid strenuous exercise and hot tubs. These can trigger irritation.

One to three weeks

You will notice the hair beginning to fall out.

Six weeks

To maintain the results of your procedure, avoid sun exposure and tanning as directed.

Every four to eight weeks

Recommended time between hair removal treatments for upper lip and other areas where hair grows quickly.

12 to 16 weeks

Recommended time between hair removal appointments for back and other areas where hair grows slowly.

After several months

Your hair should be finer and lighter as long as you continue to undergo laser treatments. In some cases, the results can last for years.

Am I a good candidate for treatment?

How to Know if You Qualify

Although hair removal can work for many patients, you are considered a good candidate if you:

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Have light skin and dark, coarse hair

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Are committed to multiple initial sessions and touch-up treatments and have realistic expectations, as results vary from patient to patient.

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Are willing to stay out of the sun and avoid tanning

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Do not suffer from a skin condition such as psoriasis

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Are not taking acne medications

Because the laser is attracted to dark hair in the same way that the sun is attracted to black clothing, treatment generally works better on patients with light skin and dark hair. However, the treatment can still have positive effects even if you have dark skin or lighter hair.

Are there other options?

Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal

You can continue shaving. However, your hair will usually return within a week. Meanwhile, laser hair removal allows you to enjoy hair-free skin for months before needing a touch-up. You can also continue waxing, but the procedure is notoriously painful and expensive.

The closest alternative to laser hair removal is electrolysis. Electrolysis uses radiofrequency to stop new hair from growing. In some cases, it can offer more permanent results than laser. However, because it removes individual hairs at a time, it is not appropriate for large areas.

Ask Your Doctor About Options

If you are not sure whether laser hair removal is right for you, a doctor can help. Although the effects are not permanent, most patients can expect finer and lighter hair after their prescribed sessions. Schedule a consultation with your doctor today to learn more.

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