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Dental Inlays/Onlays Costs and Financing


The cost of inlays and onlays generally ranges from $650 to $1200 per tooth, with an average price of $900. Most insurance plans cover some or all of the costs associated with inlay and onlay procedures since these treatments are designed to restore damaged teeth to health.

Although pricing is an important factor to take into account when seeking an inlay or onlay, the experience of the dentists you're considering is equally, if not more, important. Placement of inlays and onlays is technique-sensitive and requires the expertise of a skilled dentist to produce ideal results. If placed improperly, an inlay or onlay can interfere with a patient's bite, resulting in the need for additional dental work.

If you plan on getting an inlay or onlay, the exact cost of your procedure will depend on a number of factors. In general, inlay and onlay pricing is based on:

  • The type of material - such as gold, porcelain, or composite resin - used for the restoration
  • The extent of decay or damage on the tooth being treated
  • The dentist's level of experience and the locale in which he or she practices

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance often covers most or all of the cost of inlays and onlays since these treatments are used to correct damaged teeth rather than for purely cosmetic reasons. A patient with a reasonable insurance policy can expect to pay between $10 and $50 for a gold inlay or onlay, and between $40 and $100 for a porcelain or composite resin variety.

For individuals without insurance, many dental practices offer financing options to make the prices of inlays and onlays affordable. It should be noted that if you require sedation during your procedure due to dental anxiety, additional costs - such as an anesthesia or medication fee - will be added to the overall price of your treatment.

Inlays/Onlays Financing

If you don't have dental insurance, the cost of an inlay or onlay may be more than you can readily afford. Thankfully, inlays and onlays are just some of the treatments covered by health care financing plans like Compassionate Finance®. These financing programs offer loan options designed to make cosmetic dentistry procedures affordable to a wide range of consumers.

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