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Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dental imperfections can detract from your smile, but a single treatment may not be adequate for the best results.

A smile makeover is a personalized treatment plan that specifically addresses multiple cosmetic concerns.

So how can a smile makeover transform my smile?

A Personalized Treatment Designed to

Revitalize Your Smile

gold medal icon Boost in Confidence.
Correcting even minor blemishes and imperfections can result in a beautiful new smile and provides an extra boost in confidence.

personalized icon Personalized Treatment.
No two smiles are the same and no two smile makeovers are the same. This means that we design your smile based on your specific goals and wishes.

decision icon Your Decision.
Whether you are looking for quick results or if you are in a financial position that will not allow for multiple treatments at this moment, we can plan your treatments to fit your schedule and your budget.

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Sounds great, doesn't it?

Let us explain more...

99.7% of people say a smile is a social asset.

74% of people believe a bad smile hurts careers.

Just think of the possibilities...

You are in the driver's seat...

and in control of your smile

You are in control of your smile!

Some patients choose to start slow with their treatments, correcting minor discolorations or chips, while others have the goal to completely transform their smile.

Since a smile makeover is all about customization and personalization, you get to play a huge role in achieving your smile goals.

Can you imagine the possibilities yet?

How Various Treatments

Will Help to Improve Your Smile

If you can envision an improved smile, we can help you achieve it.

I'm Interested...

but what will it cost?

During a consultation with your dentist, you will develop a plan that takes into account both your goals and budget. While some combined treatments may be covered by insurance, most are typically not.

A smile makeover addresses the specific needs of an individual, which means that cost can vary significantly from patient to patient.

Cost of Smile Makeover Treatments

We understand that this is a big decision...but what are you waiting for?

A Smile You Can Take Confidence In

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Unlike a full mouth reconstruction, a smile makeover is specifically designed to deliver a brighter, flashier, and more attractive smile.

Some patients achieve their goals in two or three treatments, while others require additional appointments spread out over a longer period of time. How you achieve the smile you desire is completely up to your time, budget, and goals.

Don't let cosmetic dental imperfections affect your self-confidence and detract from the natural beauty of your smile. A new, enhanced, and more beautiful smile awaits you. Contact us to set up your consultation.

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