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Lipodissolve (Mesotherapy)


Lipodissolve, also known as mesotherapy, became popular in the mid-2000s. It was marketed as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It involves the use of a solution that is injected into areas affected by fat and cellulite. However, the solution that is used in lipodissolve, or mesotherapy, procedures is not approved by the FDA. There is no solid evidence showing that lipodissolve injections are effective or safe. As such, most reputable physicians do not offer lipodissolve (or mesotherapy) treatment. There are many alternative, non-surgical body contouring treatment options, including Body by Thermage®, VelaShape™, and Zerona®.

Read through DocShop’s lipodissolve treatment guide for more information on the procedure, its risks and potential benefits, and the price range for having the procedure performed.

Lipodissolve Uses

Lipodissolve can be used on a variety of areas of the body including the arms, chin, belly, and legs. Lipodissolve functions as both a method for removing fat deposits that remain unaffected by diet and exercise and as an effective technique for treating cellulite. While liposuction treatments generally result in significant post-treatment swelling, healthy skin actually tightens around the site of lipodissolve injection, creating a firmer, more toned appearance without the need for lift or tuck surgery.Unlike traditional liposuction, in which fat cells are suctioned out of the body, lipodissolve can be used on flabby arms, belly fat, and a double chin as injections that break down the walls of fatty cells and let the body flush out the fat as waste.

Lipodissolve on the Arms

For some people, there are certain parts of the body that stubbornly refuse to slim down, resisting even the most stringent diet and exercise regimens. The upper and lower arms often fall into that category. Those who have tried unsuccessfully to tone their arms can undergo the simple lipodissolve treatment to get rid of excess fat on the arms.

Lipodissolve on the Chin

Even on a body that is otherwise fit, a double chin can contribute to an overall appearance of heaviness. Because excess weight in the chin area tends to resist all attempts at body toning, lipodissolve on a double chin, administered through injections, is a good, safe choice for achieving a more proportionate and toned appearance.

Lipodissolve on the Belly

People who carry excess weight around their midsections know that it can be extremely challenging to get rid of that "spare tire" - even with the most diligent regimen of sit-ups and dieting. For this reason, lipodissolve is a popular option for eliminating belly fat.

Lipodissolve on the Legs

The inner and outer thighs are highly susceptible to cellulite, that bumpy accumulation of fat under the skin. Eliminating cellulite from this part of the body can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, soy-based lipodissolve injections can be administered directly into this area. The solution effectively breaks down the walls of the fat cells so that the body can simply flush away the waste naturally.

Fat Removal

Lipodissolve, the latest innovation in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, removes fat from small areas. It does this by breaking down the bonds that maintain the solid form of body fat. Once the fat is converted to liquid form, the body is able to remove the fat naturally at a much more rapid pace than your normal metabolism is able to accomplish. The body's fat removal process will take from several weeks to a few months to complete, depending upon the patient. For larger treatment areas such as the entire lower body, liposuction may still be necessary to achieve dramatic improvement.

Lipodissolve for Cellulite

Lipodissolve treatment has an impressive track record for smoothing and removing cellulite, the dimpled "orange peel" skin that often affects the buttocks and legs. Skin actually tightens over the area injected with the LipodissolveTM solution, which can noticeably diminish the appearance of cellulite.

The Lipodissolve Procedure

Lipodissolve treatment involves the removal of fat using chemical injections. The lipodissolve formula consists of vitamins, enzymes, and a natural, soy-derived substance called phosphatidylcholine, the main chemical component in soya oil. Phosphatidylcholine is a very safe substance, which has been used by doctors in higher doses as a treatment for high cholesterol. The needle used in the lipodissolve treatment is very fine, about the size of an acupuncture needle. If you do not elect to use local anesthetic to numb the injection site, then you will experience a slight stinging sensation, but most patients report that it is bearable.

Once the lipodissolve treatment is injected into the targeted fat deposit, the molecular bonds between the fat molecules are dissolved, causing the fat to change its phase from solid to liquid. The procedure itself only takes about 15 to 30 minutes. The body uses its natural waste-filtration organs such as the liver and the intestines to gradually issue the fat out of the body over the next few weeks to months. Most patients observe improvement in their treated areas after about four weeks. The most successful course of lipodissolve therapy is a series of treatment sessions carefully calibrated to build off of the positive results you are already exhibiting. Treatment sessions are always spaced between six to eight weeks apart.

Lipodissolve can be used on almost any area of the body that carries a small, but stubborn fat deposit. The treatment is often used to diminish the appearance of a double chin, to remove unsightly underarm fat, or to decrease the width of your waist, sometimes by several inches. It can even be used to improve the appearance of baggy eyes. Lipodissolve treatment is not effective in the treatment of large fat deposits, so consult your doctor to determine whether lipodissolve or liposuction is a better choice for improving your body contour or facial appearance.

Preparing for Lipodissolve - Patient Instructions

Because lipodissolve treatment is non-surgical, very little in the way of formal preparation is required in comparison to more extensive cosmetic surgeries. It is a good idea not to skip meals and to drink plenty of water on the day of your treatment. This will decrease the likelihood of painful bruising. The doctor you have chosen to perform your lipodissolve procedure will provide you with a lipodissolve cost estimate and patient instructions prior to administering the injections. Following these instructions will help to minimize discomfort during and following the procedure.

During your initial consultation, your doctor will perform an examination of the areas that you wish to target through lipodissolve treatments. Measurements of your weight, circumference, and skin fold thickness will be taken at this time. Based on your goals and needs, your doctor will give you an estimate of how many injections per session and how many treatment sessions it will take to achieve your desired results. lipodissolve treatment is gentler on your body than other methods of fat removal because it is gradual. You will see signs of improvement, but seldom achieve your target weight loss goal after a single treatment session.

Not everyone is a good candidate for lipodissolve treatment. If you are uncertain if you have diabetes or a thyroid problem, your doctor may order some blood work prior to agreeing to perform the procedure as these conditions may render lipodissolve ineffective or increase your risk of complications. lipodissolve is only proven to work well for removing small to medium deposits of fat. If you have been diagnosed with severe to moderate obesity, then you will likely need to prepare for lipodissolve therapy by first losing as much weight as possible through diet and exercise. If you are unable to lose weight through these means, liposuction may be the answer.

Lipodissolve Recovery

Recovering from a lipodissolve is a very quick process. Most doctors will not require you to take any time off from your regular responsibilities following treatment. Ask your doctor prior to undergoing the procedure if you will need someone else to drive you home. It is not uncommon to experience a slight burning sensation around the treated area for about an hour after the injections. You may experience some skin tenderness, swelling, and, less commonly, bruising around the site of injection for a day or two after the procedure. Your lipodissolve doctor will give you post- procedure patient instructions on how to control any side effects.

Some patients opt to take part of the day off to decrease their swelling using a cold compress and take over-the-counter or prescription pain medication as required. Some patients simply ignore the discomfort and go right back to work. A minority of patients who undergo LipodissolveTM treatment experience nausea, fever, or dizziness, and it is difficult to predict who will experience these effects. You should probably refrain from any strenuous exercise on the day you receive your injections and stick to gentle exercises for about a week following surgery. Wearing a tight workout garment that compresses the injection site may decrease the pain you experience while exercising.

As for the benefits of a lipodissolve treatment session, the body naturally eliminates the chemically weakened fat cells over the course of four weeks to three months. Lipodissolve professionals stress that the fat-busting injections do not necessarily result in weight loss, but rather a modification of the body's contours.

Lipodissolve Risks and Benefits

The lipodissolve treatment has many benefits and few risks, but risks do exist. To date, the procedure has a very good safety record with no reported instances of permanent or life-threatening complications. The most serious risks include possible interaction with a pre-existing medical condition such as cancer or diabetes, or, in rare instances, an allergic reaction to the solution itself. Side effects such as lumps, bruising, and skin tenderness may occur at the sites of injection, but these are temporary and generally subside within a few days. Find out more about lipodissolve risks and potential benefits.

Lipodissolve Costs and Financing Options

Much more economical than liposuction or tuck or lift surgery, lipodissolve is one of the most cost-effective means of achieving fat reduction. If you are already leading a healthy lifestyle, lipodissolve can refine those more difficult-to-tone areas of your body, and financing can make the treatment even more affordable. Find out more about lipodissolve costs and financing options.

Find a Lipodissolve Specialist in Your Area

A good lipodissolve doctor is one who is properly trained and experienced in performing the lipodissolve procedure. This doctor, whether a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or a cosmetic dermatologist, should be able to supply examples of before and after pictures and, upon request, put you in touch with satisfied patients who have successfully undergone the treatment. The practice should have an established method for pre-screening patients to ensure that they are good candidates for the lipodissolve procedure. A qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist should be equally concerned with both patient safety and aesthetic improvement. Use the DocShop directory to find a skilled cosmetic dermatologist in your area.

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