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Stretch Mark Removal Costs


Stretch mark removal methods differ greatly in their cost and effectiveness. Many creams and procedures promise amazing results with limited evidence to support those claims. One patient’s stretch marks may respond favorably to a treatment that has little effect on another patient. The vast variety of ointments and procedures available means that patients can pay anywhere from $5 to $8500 for stretch mark removal.

Variations in Stretch Mark Removal Costs

Many variables influence how much a patient will pay for stretch mark removal. Costs are determined based on the type and extent of the treatment, the severity and location of the stretch marks, the individual dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s expertise, and the location of the practice. Procedures may need to be repeated before optimal results are achieved.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal Costs

Natural stretch mark removal creams and lotions are normally the least expensive forms of treatment, with a six-month supply costing between $5 and $150. Higher priced creams are not necessarily more effective.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Costs

Laser stretch mark removal starts at $200 per treatment. A series of treatments might be required before the appearance of stretch marks improves significantly. Patients generally pay for each laser procedure individually.

Surgical Stretch Mark Removal Costs

The tummy tuck is the most expensive option for stretch mark removal; however, its benefits, including tightened stomach muscles and the removal of excess skin, encompass much more than stretch mark reduction. The one-time surgery costs anywhere from $3,000 to $8,500.

Cost of Other Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Chemical peels range from $75 to $600 or more per treatment. Each microdermabrasion session costs anywhere from $75 to $150. Blue light therapy runs from $50 to $150 for each session.

All procedures may necessitate multiple treatments in order for patients to achieve maximum benefit. Special skin care products might be required to maintain results and could cost $750 or more. Check with your dermatologist to see if packaged pricing is available that would include multiple treatments as well as the skin care products.

Insurance and Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks do not constitute a health risk, and their removal is considered a purely cosmetic procedure. As a result, stretch mark removal costs are not commonly covered by insurance; most patients pay out of pocket for these treatments. If abdominoplasty is required for health reasons, there is a chance that insurance will help defray some of the cost.

Stretch Mark Removal Financing

Many plastic surgery practices offer payment plans and other financing options to make the stretch mark removal procedure affordable. Others may partner with an outside medical financing company through which patients can acquire credit.

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