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Vein Removal Costs


Although the cost of sclerotherapy varies, it can start as low as $150 per leg, per treatment. Laser vein removal tends to be slightly more expensive, costing about $400 per treatment and ambulatory phlebectomy, though it usually costs over $1000, is perhaps the least invasive and most successful vein removal procedure available.

Cost of Sclerotherapy

The cost of sclerotherapy varies widely and is based on several factors, including how many veins are treated, how large the veins are, if one or both legs need treatment, the experience of the doctor performing the sclerotherapy, and the region in which it is performed. With these kinds of variables, it is impossible to know exactly what a sclerotherapy treatment will cost. However, on average, the cost of sclerotherapy is typically several hundred dollars, per leg, per treatment.

Cost of Laser Vein Removal

Like the cost of sclerotherapy, the cost of laser vein removal also varies based on doctor, region, and the size and amount of veins requiring treatment, as well as other factors, including the length of the session. Many laser vein removals can be completed within 30 minutes, although this isn’t true for every case. On average, however, the cost of laser vein removal is generally several hundred dollars per session. More than one session may be required to achieve optimal results, and the length of each session may vary.

Cost of Vein Removal Surgery

Ambulatory phlebectomy, or vein removal surgery, is the most expensive vein removal procedure. However, patients are attracted to it because it can be completed in a single visit and downtime is minimal. Like other vein removal treatments, the cost of vein removal surgery is dependant upon several factors, including the doctor, region, size, type, and extent of veins, but generally starts at about $1000 per leg, although treatments can be as much as several thousand dollars per leg.

Cost of Natural Vein Removal Treatments

The cost of natural vein removal treatments can vary considerably. However, these treatments are generally affordable and less expensive than the cost of sclerotherapy and other vein removal procedures. Widely available, natural vein removal treatments can be found in drugstores for about $10. Other topical treatments, such as Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Spider Vein formulas, can cost several hundred dollars. This cost can be increased if more than one unit is purchased in order to achieve desired results or to maintain long-term results.

Vein Removal Financing

The cost of sclerotherapy and laser vein removal treatments can be paid for with health care financing. Financing plans work similar to credit cards and home or auto loans; the financing company covers the upfront costs of treatment and the consumer pays back the amount, plus interest, in smaller, monthly payments.

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